60hz Monitors

Am I right in thinking that if 60FPS is probably the absolute best you could get out of FS2020 (and why would you want or need any more when even 30fps in a sim is actually ‘ok’) then I don’t need to opt for a 144hz crazy gaming monitor? Or does it not work like that?

I’m looking for an additional monitor for my home office that I can also use as my main simming monitor. If I ever play fast-paced games like First Person shooters I typically will use my Xbox One X, which is rare these days anyway. The Sim genre, particularly flight, will always be my go-to. I don’t want to spend crazy money on a gaming monitor considering I still need to spend a good sum on the PC itself which I don’t currently have…

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I thimk the same! personal preference has always been 16/10 1920X1200 IPS panels—

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No you can get higher FPS with a better PC but also depending on aircraft, settings, screen resolution, location etc.
Just many prefer a fixed FPS at 30 or 60 because that can avoid stuttering.
I prefer to use an HD or 4K 40inch Smart TV (dual use at home). Not to expensive.

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I am using a 24 inch 4k monitor made by LG that I bought from Amazon for $299.99 with native resolution of 3840x2160 at 60Hz and it is great and has great reviews. I ordered it on June 19th and I received it on the 21st. I figured for the money, I couldn’t go wrong. I initially wanted an even larger monitor, but this one fits my desk and needs so well, I am more than happy. I think a curved monitor would be nice, but for the same specs I couldn’t see spending that much money. Also, when I was researching this purchase I read that pretty much all of the current model GPUs can’t really drive a 144Hz monitor efficiently and get the most out of that high refresh rate. I dont know that to be a fact. That is just something I read.

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Interesting, thanks. My goal is to go 4k that can run at 1440p initially (which seems to be the sweet spot based on current technologies). $300 seems like a good price for a 4k monitor as long as the motion works well. Is it a freesync/G-sync monitor?

Can you provide an example monitor?



Amazon site not in English. Does it have HDR


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I have it locked at 30 FPS on my 75hz LG monitor and I much prefer that since I was only getting 37ish anyway. I’d gladly shave off that 7 FPS and alleviate my stutters. FSX was the same.

I would go for panel color+contrast quality and resolution instead of refresh rate. I do wish I went for a 4k monitor since the garmins are hard to read unless I zoom in. Oh well…

I’ve never used a monitor running above 60Hz (not counting my old CRTs!), but if you don’t play fast-paced games and don’t hit high frame rates in simulators, it’s likely not worth the extra spend, but I suppose it can depend on the individual and how perceptive they are. I know people who swear by 144Hz and look down on anything less (to the point of grumbling about 60Hz monitors while working on spreadsheets at work), but these are people playing online shooters where every ounce of performance matters to them.

While looking into potential monitor upgrades last year, I found some useful videos - see link below to a guy called Dawid who tests it with his partner (I assume) and then also does the test himself, maybe it can help you decide. With flight sims, the place you’re most likely to notice the difference is in the menus or in Windows when moving your mouse pointer around! :grin: Just note that in this case the test is with a game that runs above the monitor’s refresh rate - not likely to happen with MSFS yet!

YouTube video link - click here to expand

Can a NOOB tell the difference between a 144Hz and a 60Hz PC gaming monitor? - YouTube

There’s another video on that channel comparing 60Hz with 75Hz, if you find a monitor that goes slightly higher than 60Hz; perhaps check that one out too. Might be a nice compromise.

For now, I am sticking with my 24" 60Hz 1080p monitor. In the end, I decided to save my money for a VR headset instead of a slightly bigger, higher resolution monitor :upside_down_face:

Super useful. Thanks for sharing!

Also “Just note that in this case the test is with a game that runs above the monitor’s refresh rate - not likely to happen with MSFS yet!” - never has a truer word been said.

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If it is a monitor for flight simulator there is no point in taking 144hertz, a 60 screen is more than enough and avoids taking a resolution higher than 2500 x 1400 because it then requires a very large graphics card. In principle, you choose your monitor according to your graphics card.

I’m running on a 50 inch 4k Vizio, at 60Hz. 60Hz is definitely fine. Depending on settings, I can get the FPS higher, but it’s overkill. I typically just keep it locked at 60.

The thing is, in 4k, with an RTX 2080 Ti, I can get it looking pretty with a combination of high and ultra settings, but it’s not a consistent performance. Hence why I’ve dropped to 2k. 2k lets me turn the pretty up, with some headroom for a little more traffic, at the expense of it looking slightly more cartoony. There are some odd artifacts from time to time also.

It’s worth the trade off though, almost to the point were I was considering hauling an older, lower res monitor out of storage, (but nah, lol).

Point is, 60Hz is fine, lol. Sorry, got a little off track. :man_facepalming::joy:

120HZ/144HZ will allow for less tearing and less input delay, even when capped to 60FPS.

With G-SYNC (common on 120hz+) you can completely eliminate tearing.

Glad it was useful. Ultimately, it all comes down to money and your life situation and how much importance you attach to these things. 144Hz is definitely in the “nice to have” camp rather than the “need to have”, at least for simulation purposes.

I very much wanted a larger monitor 12 months back, but it had to be IPS, have the same or better pixel density than my 24" 1080p monitor (else the pixels would be too large & unsightly) and have various other features, but to make any significant gains on what I have now, I’d have to spend a fair bit, especially because a larger resolution (2K at least, if not 4K) would absolutely demand a new GPU (currently on a GTX 1060), so the overall cost continues to rise…

Knowing that I’d want to get in to VR soon, I just stuck with what I had for the last year and kept saving. I’ve now ordered the HP Reverb G2 (first headset to “tick all the boxes” for me) which I plan to run at half-resolution on the GTX 1060. Early indications are that half-res still looks pretty good! In time, I will likely upgrade my GPU to a 2070 Super. The 2080 range is just pushing the boat out too far for me, all other things considered.

I know nobody asked for my life story, but … you got it :upside_down_face:

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I am literally just digesting the new RTX 3-series launch. Am I right in thinking that these new GPUs could be a game changer? Wowza! 8K monitor here I come :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I use a 55 inch LG C9 Oled for my monitor. 4K resolution and supports Gsync. Not a cheap tv though. I would say if you all you are playing is simulation type games 60hz is plenty. I know a lot of people can tell the difference in higher refresh rates, but I can’t and I have tried it. I am just not that good at video games for it to matter lol.

I personally HATE screen tear and will do whatever I need to avoid it. That being said it doesn’t seem to be an issue with fs2020. I don’t use v sync or gsync in this sim and I have hit frame rates into the 80’s will testing stuff and setting it up. Still didn’t get any screen tear issues. This is normally something you will see if your frame rate goes above your refresh rate. So if your fps never gets above your refresh rate it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Which is what Vsync and locked frame rates do. And for most people running fs 2020 this is not going to be an issue lol.

As for a monitor that is 4K and will run 1440, that would be just about any of them. Problem is it won’t look as good. Pretty much every monitor is going to display the image at its native resolution. If you use a lower resolution it will just upscale the image. How good this looks will depend on how good the upscaling is on your display or the hardware of the device you are using, like say a blu ray player with upscaling built into it. You can also use software to do it. The render scaling built into FS 2020 actually works quite well, I would go that route. I have a 4K monitor and use 80 percent render scaling, so it renders at 3072 instead 3840. I can’t tell a difference at all and it gained me 10 fps by doing it. Gone are the days of your monitor actually changing resolution to match what you choose. That was a CRT thing for the most part. LCD, Oleds and stuff like that have a native resolution and that is what you are going to see. If you want it to look its best you need to feed it content that matches that resolution.