6900xt - ryzen 5900 - G2


Hey guys,

Could anyone using above hardware post their graphics settings. I have eliminated CTDs by switching off AI and other multiplayer pilots. So just trying to dial in the graphics now. (I only fly in VR)

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi ayeready,

I just got a similar system and was wondering if you were ever able to tune your settings to get a smooth experience with best possible graphics?


@Ma1uno: you requested I post my settings, so here they are. I hope it helps. My system is 5800x/6900xt/32GB RAM with a HP Reverb G2.
NOTE: I overclocked my CPU/GPU/RAM using the videos from the graying tech on youtube. He has a really good set of videos for AMD systems.

  1. Game: I own the steam version so I can run it through steam or WMR and I find WMR is far superior to steam.
  2. Bios: I have disabled SMT (hyperthreading)
  3. WMR settings: best visual quality experience options, best quality display resolution, 90 Hz
  4. Render scale: 100% WMR’s OpenXR, 100% in the game, 80% using OpenXR NIS Scaler with 60% sharpness. Note I have also set sharpness to 0 in UserCfg.opt file.
  5. Motion reprojection disabled using the OpenXR developer settings.
  6. AMD Radeon Software: I turn everything off except I turn on radeon chill with min/max settings of 30/45.
  7. in-game settings:

I use CapFrameX to measure my performance and here’s what I measured just a few days ago.

I hope this helps! Good luck.

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Just throwing this out there. One of the biggest things i have done to improve sim performance was to get rid of as much background processes as possible.

Before doing this i would start my computer to desktop then open task manager and the load on the CPU with the computer at idle would be around 19% usage.

After getting rid of the garbage that’s not needed running in the background my CPU now sits at 1% usage sometimes even dropping to 0%

So, what I did was free up 18% of the CPU for the game too use. Allowing me to up my in-game graphics. while keeping 32 frames in the G2


Thank you for posting this. Will give it a try, even though I have the HTC Vive Pro 2 so I guess I can’t use WMR.

The default settings, even though most things were at medium and render scaling at 80, was pretty terrible giving me around 20fps (so didn’t even bother to check the time differences). I will tinker with it some more once I have some time and hope to get better results

It’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t work smoothly out of the box and probably one of the reasons why VR isn’t more popular…

Yes, it’s a shame we have to dial in the settings. It took me awhile to get it right. But I can tell you when running the game through steam I can’t get a smooth flight unless I lower the settings to an unacceptable quality. I can’t even get it to run well even if I use motion reprojection and stop capping the framerate. I’m grateful I can run it through WMR.

What are some of the processes that can be shut down ?

Easy way is to go into windows settings background apps and start there
If you stop some apps and feel you will never use it then remove it from your OS

The Hardway is going into your registry and or services page and disabling the process from there.

Also have a look at what is running at start up. a lot of the time you have your OS auto starting a lot of ■■■■ you don’t need. Task Manager / Startup Tab you can right click on a startup item and disable it.

One idea to get you started. Print Spooler I built my computer just for MSFS and nothing else so i will never use a printer so i disable print spooler that runs in the background automatically on all windows OS This is done by Task Manager / services Tab at the very bottom of the services tab you will see a link to open services a new services window will pop up scroll down the list until you find print spooler and right click choose properties and choose to disable

Remote Desktop also something i will never need so bye bye. This is just two ideas there are many more.

Another big Resource HOG is windows Anti Malware you can see this in Task manager Rearing its ugly head constantly. Now you really can’t shut this off.

But this little trick works wonders. Just get a free Anti-Virus software i use kaspersky. free antivirus the idea here is to trick windows into thinking another anti-virus is protecting your system thus windows Anti Malware will no longer run then you just shut down kaspersky.

Also free kaspersky has a game mode so it will automatically disable while gaming. Or if you like just pause the kaspersky protection from the windows task bar

I was able to disable or completely remove over 16 processes running background apps. Your milage may vary

Go to google and do a search for What background apps can I safely turn off you will find tutorials that will help you

Word to the wise make a list of everything you disable just in case you turn off something you shouldn’t have and have problems arise you know exactly what you did

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