7” Touch Screen displays

Hi all. I have a project to create a cockpit panel with the GTN750/650 avionics. I can’t seem to find a 4:3 aspect 7” touch screen panel. I found them nontouch though. This will be for a full build of a PA28 panel. Anyone seen one for sale?


Check Amazon. I saw some on the U.S. site. They’re listed for the Raspberry, but you could ask the seller if it will work you.

I found several but they were in 16:9 format. The only I found in 4:3 format was not touch screen. Thinking about buying the screen and digitizer separately and making one myself. Just not a lot of 4:3 touch screens available. I had the same problem with the GNS 530’s I build. :disappointed:.

This is the GTN650 bezel ready for the paint booth. Still looking for a display for the GTN750

GNT650 test before delivery and install. :grin: