737 700 autopilot

Downloaded the 737 700 and love it but as soon as i engage the autopilot it just decides to do continuous circles in the sky… ive tried everything and manually inputted waypoints into the fmc but all it wants to do is go round in circles…

As well as engaging the autopilot itself I assume you have set the nav source, set the altitude etc.?

One quick suggestion for you, @goneorearr. I recommend you carefully go through the Tutorial Flight PMDG provided with your install to get a basic understanding of how to setup and fly a route with the PMDG 737.

The Tutorial Flight PDF file is located in the “Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Documentation” folder. The issues you are having with the AP are likey to be resolved as you go through the flight. Good luck!

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I strongly suggest you take an hour or so and work through the Tutorial PDF location in the plane’s Documentation folder:


EDIT: Ninja’d by @Sartanius So yeahl, do what they said. :+1:t3:


Thanks ill have a look

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Have you engaged LNAV and VNAV? Just the AutoPilot CMD button is not enough, you still need to tell the aircraft which autopilot mode you want it to fly on.

They wont work

You might want to start with the most basic:
Set a heading on the AP, activate AP and press the HDG SEL button. Does the plane fly the heading you set?
Next, try an altitude change: dial in a new altitude, press V/S button, dial in a vertical speed. Does the plane change altitude as expected?

With this, you can follow a flight plan, by using the AP in a rather “manual” way.
Next, read all there is about the more sophisticated modes like lNAV and VNAV, and try them out. You can always fall back to the more basic modes.

Good luck.

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Very basically said,

this is more complex thing to fly and some knowledge of fmc and ap systems is required. Previous post is good enough to step into problematic.

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