737 Max GSX PRO getting the De-Icing Treatment


What really de-icing is ANIMATED?
This is absolute awesome!!
Are the animation problems with the pilots entering the plane already fixed? I am thinking about buying this program.

Yes De-Icing is Animated in the sim, there is no option in GSX Pro to manually start the De-Icing process, instead GSX Pro will detect weather conditions Automatically to determine if De-Icing is needed.

If cold weather is detected then GSX will giive you a choice on weather you wish to De-Ice during the departure procedure.

I haven’t had any issues with pilots entering the Plane Animation.

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That’s awesome!

I had asked the creators of pushback toolbar if they could implement this awhile back and they said they were looking into it.

I get it doesn’t actually “do” anything, but for realism sake, it’s nice to have the effect.

In the earlier stages of the sim cool icing effects were implemented. De-Icing would look absolute awesome with these.