747 & 787 Flight Characteristics - Nothing like FSX

All - Ok, not expert, trying to Fly both models by hand. Yes, Joystick could have wacko settings, but Logitech 3D pro is in the database. Now, I normally don’t free hand fly big jets, but in FSX, I have flown both models numerous times. They seem to be way more stable in FSX than MSFS 2020. I cannot take the FSX models and fly out of PMDY comfortably because it has very tall trees which are not there in MSFS, and they really are not there based on satellite pictures I reviewed recently. The military keeps the island facilities sort of up to date, vegetation cut, etc. It’s an alternate airfield in case of emergencies for military A/C transiting Pacific, as is Wake and several other places. These planes fly like well I don’t have much to compare. I am going to try each in FSX to see differences. If someone has better sensitivity settings for the JS, please post them here… Since no ILS, I cannot just land, and AP is still sticky to say least. I know I’m better pilot than this sim is making out. The controls keep nose high, unless I really push down on nose, and it’s not (for sure) realistic the way plane is controlled. More as I get a handle on what is causing this situation. Is it buggy, don’t know, but flight characteristics are not like normal I don’t think. Using AP to land not sure I can get it set correctly to do that.


Ok, again at PMDY, 737 and C-17 in FSX. Three take off’s and landings each. Crashed the 1st 737 time, it barely has enough power to clear the trees at end of RW. Reset, tried again, better, not smooth by any means no stress damage. Last one was best, hardly felt landing plenty of room for reverse thrust to slow down, some brakes applied. C-17, it has way lots of power, high lift wing, cleared trees and everything. Landed hard 1st time, smooth as glass second time. Checked FSX settings for Joystick, they had been changed, put all of the sliders to the right, and some null zone, now planes fly like they should. Since MSFS settings are way different to set, but will play around with them. JS is getting long in tooth, got some play at null, so going to put in some of that, and try to find a profile which matches the control column on 787 and 747. Patch may have changed them, but it’s not like it was.

All - So I checked settings, and change profile to 50 for each control axis except throttle as it’s good. Again at PMDY, took off, plane would not trim correctly, so changed to outside view. Held down trim button to lower nose, took it all the way to DOWN. It starts to reset itself immediately after letting go of button. Impossible to trim a/c correctly, continues to go with nose up attitude. I believe this is present in all the a/c’s in the game. Unsatisfactory performance. The only way to nullify this is to fly around in Auto Pilot mode all the time. That is unacceptable, how do you learn hands on, if you got to fly them in AP mode. YES, FSX had growing pains, but they only released two Service Packs to fix all the bugs. So far we have had I think 4-5 updates, and still got issues with flight parameters. Please fix this soon.


Flight model is MODERN?

FYI, none of the airliners has been altered in the latest patch.

I am having issues controlling the 787 for landing, specifically with pitch authority. At low speeds (less than 160 knots) the plane just will not climb, and it presents the opposite attitude that you report, nose down around 5 degrees. This happens to me with the A320 and the B787. However the B747 works fine for me.

That’s because on the 747 there’s no computer which is too aggressively trying to keep the aircraft from stalling and the MSFS 747 has a considerable higher ( and hence realistic) pitch elevator/authority.

Well, in the 787 and A320 the “computer” does the opposite of preventing a stall, it sinks the plane onto the ground.


If you keep the speed ~10kts above the speed where the loss of pitch control occurs, you can at least barely fly an approach.

Correct, this is what I do. Nevertheless it is a lot of speed and the landings are less than stellar this way. It is not enjoyable.


Wont have time to test anything till this evening, got to cut grass and mostly all day job. But think will setup plan from Nashville to Omaha and see if I can make that work. Will advise.

I replied to my original post in the Wishlist concerning things I want this simulator to do. I outlined a flight in FSX, because I have removed the ICON for MSFS on my taskbar as well as the store. When is works well enough that I don’t pull out my hair I will start using it again, should have known not to buy it now. And moderators before you remove this post, I beta tested for Microsoft Windows 95/95SE/98 and was project lead in my company for Windows 2000 Workstation with over 2000 employees, so I sort of know when a piece of software is well broken would describe it. 35 Plus years as IT professional, built hundreds of PC’s repaired thousands of them, so I know the insides and outsides as well. have fun, and YES, I realize how much work is going on to get this working. Your priority list is not right, no new scenery, get the planes/AP/navigation data/systems working first, then worry about airports/countries which need some work. We fly the planes, and usually so busy, don’t have time to look out the window.

Call me stubborn, took the time to see what the mappings in MSFS were for the 3D Pro Joystick, and then remapped them to what I want it to do. I had to write them all down, so if anyone needs a printed list, send me message, and I will work it up in Word and send it to you. Of course, Logitech made the actual numbers of the button so obscure as to be worthless, so I had to get label maker out and make numbers for each button, so I would know what they are. I did learn something, I mapped button 10 to reverse thrust, but for it to really work, you also have to add throttle to it, unlike the keyboard F2 key which reduces throttle and applies reverse thrust. In keyboard mapping “CTRL+ r” is supposed to engage RT, but I could not get it to work, again, it could be, that you also have to push the F1 key, which is increase throttle assignment. Guess I could grow another hand, with extra fingers.
Tried another flight PMDY to PMDY with 787, again the trim has absolutely no effect on the plane, nada, zero. And if coming in a little steep, pulling back on the yoke again, has zero effect on raising the nose, or the characteristics are set to something unrelated to the way this plane flies in the real world. Finally just escaped from the mess. Have beat request for manuals for this sim/planes ad nauseam to death, so won’t bore all with it again. If real pilots expect to learn how to fly, or practice for check rides, go someplace else, this will cause you to fail check ride. The only plane which flies reasonably good is the IconA5, and still cannot figure out how to work navigation system, so need to practice up on those for abilities to find house grew up in. I actually want to take off from closest airport and really fly to it, so need to put in GPS coordinates, and I should be able to do those manually, so far cannot figure that out. Going to watch TV show someone recommended to me. Out of here.