747-8i ILS info not showing on PFD

#pc Microsoft Store version
no addon, except world update dlc (since I had to reinstall all after world update 6), no liveries

I started cold and dark in 747, filed a simple flight plan with ILS approach (CYYZ → CYUL ILS24R)
I don’t know if a forgot to turn something on on the cold start, near CYUL the ILS infos did not appeared on my PFD… there should be something like: ILS 111.90 IZZ and LOC nor APP button seem to catch the freq. glide slope etc.
when I look in the FMC on the NAVRAD page there it is. ILS24R/ 111.90
How can I make it work properly! I’m sure I forgot something to turn on or something stupid like that on the cold start!

thanks for helping me!

It happened to me too, I made a high alt IFR flight plan on the map with an ILS approach at the end. The nav ILS frequency was not inserted in the PFD. I entered it manually. It is not really a part of the cold start procedure, so I dont think you missed a step. Try the same plan with the a320, I bet the frequency will be added correctly. It is just a bug with a 747 probably.

That’s strange. Does the FMC entry look like that?

The incorrect ILS frequency bug can occur with all aircraft AFAIK since a few updates ago.

yes. only difference is there was ILS24R in between brackets beside 111.90

in the afternoon the same day I made KBOS to CYYZ
spawned on the runway! made the same kind of flight plan on the fmc… direct with ILS 33R
every thing went as planned…

so I dont know if it was the cold start thing that I forgot something that screwed my approach
since its the only thing that I made different

P.S. those were my 2 first flight with the B-747… I dont specially like jets