747 is finally flyable!

Today I made a short low altitude IFR flight from Valencia to Madrid and the plane is finally flyable.
A few very small bugs here and there but I noticed these improvements:
-The physics make sense now, the plane took off at around 160kts, before this patch the plane was taking off as soon as 90kts.
-VNAV did work, though the profile of the plane was too high (this is a problem also with the a320, the nose is too high at cruise)
-Landing was SUPER smooth, no bouncing, no loss of control, perfect deceleration (before the plane slided all around the runway when trying to make small corrections).

This I would like to see improved:
-I have to click twice on the V/S in order to engage it, it should only take 1 click for it to properly work as far as I know.
-The AP reacts too strongly when using VNAV, abrupt movements should not be so noticeable.
-You have to turn auto thrust off manually before landing or the plane will not respond to your manual speed input

I still have to try flying at high altitude, since there were some big issues there (plane going vertical because of AP when flying higher than 40.000ft) but the flight was perfect, really happy with the improvements.