747 needs more wing flex

The 747 needs more wingflex, and it also needs the turbines to move more like the 787 going through turbulence. I feel that it bends very little. If you search on YouTube any wing views video on the 747, it has way more wing flex. Also please make the wingflex more sensitive to turbulence, I think that when you go through strong turbulence the wing of the plane hardly moves at all.

It’s something I’ve noticed. The wings aren’t flexing upwards enough when you take off and are strangely… stiff?

default or salty? On the salty 747 it’s a bit more noticeable i think, but i’m usually in first person during take off so i’m really only noticing during heavy turbulence during flight

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Default one.

What’s your objects detail level in your graphics settings? sometimes wing flex are reserved for high-quality level of detail. So if you have this slider brought down, you won’t be able to see the wing flex.

you mean like this:

or like this:

I’m playing on Xbox :frowning: