777-300 RR liveries

Hello, I recently purchased the captain sim Boeing 777-300 RR and I’m having some trouble finding liveries for the aircraft. I even tried flightsim.to and other websites and I haven’t found anything.
Do you have any idea where I can find any liveries for my aircraft?

There are lots on flightsim.to
Here is a link for a search for them there:

Yes, I searched on flightsim.to but the only liveries I find are for the 77-300 ER or 777-300 F.
Those don’t work for my airplane.

I’m gonna try refunding it tomorrow anyway.

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Good luck with that…
Put that one in the bad experience memorybank…

Pmdg are working on a 777… absolutely cant wait for that

Only one screenshot of the PMDG777 would be enough to make me happy for the rest of the week, only one screenshot… :slight_smile:
Of the flight deck of course.

Did you ever get a refund I am having the same issue