787-10 banks to the side, and spins around

Whenever I’m trying to use LNAV - this happens. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? It followed vertical speed pretty good, but it didn’t followed flight plan at all. That’s just ridiculous, standard A320 follows LNAV, but ignores VS, and here is completely 180. is there a way to fix this? Without downloading 787XH

This is quite a common bug. From experience, this is because the AP gets confused, and tries to correct itself, even though it doesn’t need too. Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do to permanently fix it (at least that I’m aware of) but if the plane starts to bank like this, take manual control for a few moments, and then reingage AP. Both the 747, and the 787 without mods are awful, and I recommend downloading some if you’re able too.

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I’ve play with autopilot fixed 747, and it’s just magnificent - not a single bug for 300+ hours of flights. 787 also has a mod, but it requires Simbrief usage for flight plan creation, which is, personally, horrible, and a giant “no” for me

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That banking problem is usually the result of a too small joystick deadzone and/or a double binding issue.

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You can create a flightplan without simbrief on the heavymod

Just like you would on any Boeing aircraft

As far as I’ve understood, FP, that you’ve created on world map doesn’t works? For me it didn’t worked, but maybe that was just mine bug

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