787-10 Dreamliner Nose Landing Gear is Literally Off Its Hinges

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Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

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Nose Landing Gear is off its hinges

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The Dreamliner’s nosewheel is literally off its main hinges, and has been so since day one. I’ve taken a few screenshots to illustrate my point:

Take a look at this picture:

You’ll notice how the strut is (red lines) vs how it should be (green lines).

In this next pic, I have included the strut compression:

Notice how the strut is relaxed as though the wheel is airborne, instead of compressing with the weight of the aircraft. The chrome side of the strut should almost be obscured by the tires when the aircraft is on the ground (see green vs red arrow).

Compare to real life:

And here it’s airborne. Notice that its almost as stretched as in the sim:

And take a look at the compression of the strut viewed from the front:
Nose Gear IRL 04
Notice how the white part of the strut is partially obscured by the tires when looking from the side (see yellow line).

Now you may ask why this is the case in the sim. These next pictures explain why:

You can see how the strut is off its left and right hinges. At the moment, they’re clipping into the nose gear doors (red ovals) instead of being up higher on their correct hinges (green circles).

Here, in the next screenshot, is a close-up on one of the hinges:

Compare to IRL:

And finally the nose gear door connectors. First Real life:
Nose Gear IRL 05

And in the sim, this side (right side) is good:

But this side (left side) is not:

The connector (magenta oval) is hanging in the air, instead of connecting the two points (red rectangle).

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Just load up MSFS, choose the Dreamliner, go to drone camera and take a close look at the Nose landing gear.

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Not relevant

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Has been the issue since initial release IIRC

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Voted, thank you for the time spend.

Very detailed.


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Given they’re working on this plane as we speak, hopefully they see this ticket sooner rather than later.

Might also want to report this and the other thread over at the WT Discord, if that hasn’t already been done.

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Voted (and commented to add relevance to it)

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Voted. The landing gear is completly wrong!

Please fix this, while doing this please also fix the main gear sinking into the ground when landing and not smoothly rotating