787 cannot detect ILS anymore

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Everything is the same and starting last week 787 can’t or won’t detect ILS at any airports. But other aircrafts are normal.

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set up the flight plan as usual and then start the flight. Everything is normal until the last 20 nm . No ILS could be detected or Appr system could be activated.

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GTX 2080 super

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Before the last update

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Have you checked if the correct ILS frequency is in the FMC? (NAVRAD page)

Is that a Mandela Effect or what? Because I never need to do that before as it was 100% able captured the ILS every time but maybe I’ll try to do what you told me. Thanks. But do you think it’s normal for this kind of issue or I just woke up from my dream?:rofl:

AFAIK, the auto tune feature has been (partially?) disabled since the previuos update because it tended to sometimes incorrectly tune in the opposite runway ILS.

That means they create a bug to settle another bug. Oh that was really smart.:+1:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What we call simulation means to simulate or to get more close to the reality. But if I have to input the ILS Frequency into the FMC of a 787 every time before it takes off, is that reality or something me can call it a flight simulator?

You don’t put the frequency in before takeoff.
Usually before starting the descent when you know which runway you are landing on.
Only newer aircraft can autotune the ILS.
Even if it is autotuned you have to recheck the frequency and inbound course IRL (and in the sim)

Yes, but this was something never need to be conducted before. So what’s the change for and I don’t know if this is an upgrade or downgrade of the sim.:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The 787 usually autotunes the frequency when you put the arrival runway into the FMC.

Yes! It should be what it should be but it was now changed and gone. And that’s the bug I’m talking in the very beginning :sweat_smile:

I’d never been able to tune ADF/ILS on my home airport but I heard other humans were doing fine at least with all other beacons. I’d put a ticket in Zendesk with it, but it was closed half year ago. Maybe there are bugs with some beacons, or radio receivers for some values in general.

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