787 flaps and performance issues

After the latest update I am having Flap setting issues with the 787. The first problem is the transition from 0-5 degree flaps, its not a smooth transition. The second and most frustrating one is on takeoff. As I’m heading down the runway my flaps start to lower to 10-17 degrees on its own and I have to monitor this as I’m in the middle of the takeoff. So I have to fight the lever as I’m taking off, then after takeoff as I’m gaining altitude they automatically go to 0 degrees and I have to try and extend them back to 5 degrees. My 787 also pulls hard to the left or right as I’m taxiing and in the flight deck you can see the controls vibrate way too much, they violently turn right or left. anyone with any advice or similar situations please advise.

Did you check to see if any pilot assists were turned on?

I did for sure. I’m always going into my settings to be sure nothing has changed without my doing. I’ve had that happen before. Even if pilot assist was on, my flaps shouldn’t be lowering to those levels from my understanding. And this was not happening before.

Those are normal 787 take-off flap settings, especially with any amount of load.
The pull to either side can also occur from AI.
Did you check the main “assists” menu, or the one on the screen in flight?

Having pilot assist on will most definitely show these symptoms. The AI is trying to keep you aligned with the centerline when taxiing and is controlling flaps as it sees fit. Set Assists to “True to Life” to see if this solves the problem.

From the videos I have watched on 787 flap degrees for takeoff , I have never seen anything past 10 degrees in the real world. these jump down to 17 sometimes more if I don’t retract them as I’m taking off. My assist stuff is not on. And before the update I never had this problem.

As far as the taxing, if the AI is trying to keep me centered then its doing a terrible job because it litrally pulls me away from the center line. When I Taxi like I’m sure all of you do, we always aim for the center line and I’m always on it until my AI or whatever pulls me violently away from it and I have to correct it.

The reason I asked was that MSFS did change assists with the last update, mine were all turned on in the main menu.
I have seen both those settings of flaps, though 17 is a bit much, 15 more common.
Did the flaps retract on schedule, as per the speed tape?
The only time I have seen that in here before as far as I remember, (I am getting older though) were all AI related.
Are you running any aps external to the sim?

I really appreciate all your ideas. As far as I have done, I have made sure to go through all my assist settings to be sure I have full control, unless I am missing something and I will re-check. Flaps do not retract on schedule as you suggest, because of the extension down the runway as I lift off the ground they go right to 0. And that cannot be correct even if AI is taking over.

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Oh and as far as external apps, no I’m not running anything. I have an addon that is for my VFR map, that is the only addon I"m using while I fly. But again I’ve never had this happen before the update.

I’ve never heard of a conflict causing this, but it may be worth it to empty the community folder and try.
That would at least eliminate that as a source.

Do you use the 787 a lot? if so, have you ever had the vibration of the flight controls in the flight deck like I described? You can see the control column vibrate as you taxi. There is no way thats normal :slight_smile:

Yes I do, it is one of my fav’s, flew it last evening short haul YSSY -YBBN.
No I haven’t had that happen, but that is ringing a bell.
I believe I may have seen that in here before.
I’ll keep looking.

Thanks so much. Yeah I’m a huge 787 fan and really up to now have enjoyed it so much. My last two flights have been cut short due to weird lagging performance, everything that I try to move with the mouse ends up being delayed and basically causes me to have to cancel my flight.

I would start with the community folder thing though.

I will for sure, great suggestion. If I can ask, what livery do you use the most and where do you get yours from?

I get all from here:

It depends on where I’m flying. I try to have one that would be seen irl.

ok yeah thats where I go too. Great site with lots of good quality stuff. I know my eye site isn’t great but i do wish that the digital panels with the altitude and heading etc, were a little bit more solid. I find its a little blurry unless you zoom in very close. I used to work for an airline and I have seen many flight decks where the digital parts are so solid. So I guess there is still more work to be done by FS on the 787.

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I never said the AI was doing it right. What you see as the center line may not be the same thing Otto is looking at. Point is, check the settings.

I live on the 78X. Never had that experience. It has to be a setting that needs to be turned off. I fly without assists of any kind. Maybe that’s it?