787 goes off course during flight

For the last 3 flights with the 787, 2 flights in Europe and 1 in North America my 787 seems to go off course many times during the flights until it basically does a spiral to the ground, The LAS button or IAS button below the AP button will start blinking and basically my flight has to be canceled. Anyone have similar flight following issues? any ideas would be appreciated.

I noticed this when I use the TB Velocity One, the behavior is a sudden input to the right on the aileron control without your intervention, you can see the yoke of the 787 (or any other aircraft) moving by itself causing the Auto Pilot to disengage.

Sounds familiar to the issue you’re having?

As per TB on their discord this has been seen with many other controllers as well and seems to be something on the sim

I honestly am not sure if what you are describing is the same thing, I mean it could be. I do see the yoke shake a lot and I don’t know if thats normal. Its just so frustrating because if I do ten flights, I would say that 4 out of 10 are great. I always seem to run into bugs almost every flight causing me not only to waste my time but cancel flights. This Forum has been great for advice I have solved a few issues because of people like you. In this case I don’t know if this is just a sim issue on flight following or some setting again that I need to check

So I went back into the sim last night and realized I had two updates pending in the content manager. Once updated I thought that would solve the issues, well it didn’t. Once I started to get near 25000 ft after takeoff, the 787 again goes off course, it corrected itself twice but on the 3rd time off course once again its a death spiral and I had to cancel my flight. So at this point this game is useless to me if I cant do a simple flight. very frustrating, isn’t anyone having the same issues at all?

Is this the default 787?

yeah its the games 787 with my addon livery

I haven’t flown the default 787 in a long while. I use the Heavy mod and I have not had any of these reported off track issues.

where can I find a working 787?

P3D or the dreaded X sim, whose name cannot be mentioned

Can you describe what was happening in the one minute just before it started misbehaving? Did anything happen? Or were you just flying along in cruise between waypoints?

Normal takeoff, normal climbing to cruise altitude of 40000ft, I’m at 1500vertical spd just doing a nice climb, once I got between 24000 and 25000 the aircraft starts turning to the right slightly going off its course, then it violently corrects itself by turning a hard left…then its ok for a bit, then it starts turning left off course to once again violently correct itself by turning right, Then all is ok for a min or 2…Then it starts again turning right off course but this time it banks hard and never recovers going into a huge spin to the ground. The IAS button also blinks at this point. so thats basically what happens, all is good until the aircraft just goes off on its own.

I need more detail. AP on or off? AT on or off? What modes set? How long till the next waypoint? How long since the previous waypoint. What’s the route programmed? When in the route did it happen? What does the PFD annunciators say? More detail please.

AP ON, alt set to 40000, vs at 1500, flight from New orleans to phoenix, happened on the climb after takeoff when at 24000 ft. I can’t remember the next waypoint or the one previous sorry. Ground sp was about 390 as I was still climbing to my cruising altitude. Reminding that this would be my 4th flight in a row with the 787 that the same exact thing happens like clockwork. 2 flights in Europe and 2 in North America

How was the glareshield panel set? What did the PFD annunciators say? Next time you do this flight, take screenshots

yup it happened to me until i got frustrated. Now it seems i have found the trick. in the beginning of the flight - the first portion of any flight when you are hand flying the airplane until you engage AP - This is basically where the airplane peels off it self from the course. During this portion please use HDG knob to set the airplane towards the path. Afterwards, the airplane will stick on its course. A sort of an escort of the airplane back to its original path…

Try and let me know the outcome.

Happened with the TBM also. As described in answer 1 it happens after an unintended input on my yoke disturbing by disabling the heading and lead the aircraft into an spiral to the right. If you not in place :sunglasses: this will cause an crash. I always managed to restore the aircraft but have some panicking moment’s while.