787 Manual braking very weak

I’m experiencing manual braking to be very week. Barely slows the aircraft down at all. Working great in all other aircraft.

Anyone else experiencing the same? I’m experiencing this while taxing, were manual braking should have effect.


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I’m experiencing the same issue after the June 2023 update, which has turned out to be horrible in my case. It has destroyed both B787 and B747. Yes, now you can see the green archs while climibing and descending, but the plane doesn’t brake properly, and to make it worse, the flight plans just disappear in the middle of the flight or upon approach. Why did they have to create these faulty updates? They worked fine before. And why are we forced to update the game to play it? We should be able to use the best version for us. I hope they fix it so that I can play again. Everytime they upload something they break another.

I believe that’s been acknowledged and they have discussed increasing braking performance in a future update.

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Yes, this has been fixed and will be seen in a later update.


Experiencing the same with the 747-8i. Before the update I could easily come to full stop using 30-40% of an 8000ft. rwy. Since the update, the brakes and reversers are so anemic that the aircraft pretty much does a rolling stop on its own with full braking applied. Now it uses 75 to 90% of the rwy before stopping on its own.

And do you manage to land the B787? Because every time I use it and program a trip with the global map, there is a discontinuation in one of the final vectors of the flight plan, usually upon approach. If I ignore it, the plane doesn’t obviously reach its destination, but if I solve it by deleting the discontinuation in the MCDU aboard, everything seems to be ok… until I reach the destination airport. While I am descending and at around 3000-4000 feet, the plane goes crazy, different alarms start to sound and I totally lose the control, crashing the aircraft at few kilometers from the runway. So I guess the problem has nothing to do with the flight plan itself, since the route takes me to the runway, but with a bug produced when I’m deceleraring and approaching the runway.

It’s very sad! Because everything used to work perfectly well until last week, when they launched this corrupted update and killed this wonderful plane. Now you have green archs associated to altitude, nice sounds and a large checklist, but you cannot do what you are supposed to do with a plane, complete the journey and LAND it safely.

I’m sure if you posted a video of your next landing attempt the folks here would be able to find out what you’re doing wrong so you can correct it.

This is likely because it is a “vectors to final” approach which are very common. You need to fly yourself to an intercept course, usually in HDG mode, with approach mode armed and at the correct intercept altitude.

Never tried it with the 787. Regarding the discontinuation of the missing vectors, I am usually able to add an additional waypoint in the FMC to complete the bridge to final approach. I still am not able to stop successfully though so maybe there is an issue with Boeing aircraft that needs to be corrected

This has been answered in this thread:

My prayers will be answered if the issue is addressed