787 mcdu

Hey folks,
after the recent SU6 I have a massive problem with the MCDU of the 787-10.
When I type in the ICAO code for the departure airport it doesn’t ‘take’ it and stays empty (arrival airport works but only that is useless)… means I can’t program a route into the MCDU anymore which is really annoying.
Does anybody else entounter the issue or knows how to solve it?
Btw I have the HD 78XH mod installed and never had any problems with that…

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Same issue here. I removed B78XH mod and MCDU will now accept a departure airport, so it does have something to do with that mod. There is some discussion about it on the Github page, although I can’t get the fix they are recommending to work for me. Looks like I’ll be flying 787 unmodded until 78XH is updated.

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Here is the link to the DEV version from HD’s Discord. Delete old 78XH mod from Community folder and install this one. It works correctly until the stable version is patched for SU6

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Alright thanks a lot I’m gonna try it out now… let’s see

same here, thanks @JAWILSON83

Worked out for me… thanks again