787 STAR issue at WSSS and WMKK

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Default 787 always veers left before IAF at WSSS and WMKK, banks sharply to around 30 degrees and goes straight and never turns back to magenta line to follow IAF on the STAR. Happens only during WSSSWMKK flights. The A320 did not produce this issue at all.

Did a WSSS-YPPH and the aircraft flew the route perfectly without any issues with SIDs or STARs. The same for YPPH-WSSS.

Addons I have are :
WSSS Cloudsurf Simulations
WMKK The Secret Studio

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Fly WSSS to WMKK or WMKK to WSSS. ARAMA and GUPTA STARs. 787 default aircraft.

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Xbox Series X

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Ever since SU10

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Hello, you wrote that you disabled all of your mods and addons, but then later in your post, you wrote that you have WSSS Cloudsurf Simulations and WMKK The Secret Studio. Did you disable those?

Yes I disabled those. I just added them there in case anyone has the same issues with the same mods(on or off)

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