7900XTX and 7900XT in MSFS

Finally a review of that. Mentioning the pancake lenses vs the SUPER small g2 sweet spot. If they only went to native headset instead of virtual desktop, it would be a perfect option. Althouth it seems now with vd god mode (which I didn’t know existed) my issues with it probably are solved. Maybe I’ll try it anyway and is not too pricey (which is even better).
Gotta wait tho, can’t justify so many personal christmas presents ahahah (going back to r7950x until 3d release to rma it again)

Yes I have 32Gb. But yeah didn’t read that thread about those 1vs1 gpus. Although I’m simming in Dx11 for now. Asobo needs to solve some textures problems with Dx12 in my case. If it wasn’t for that… ay.

In Dx11 my card consumes maximun 12Gb.

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Hi Everyone, I am trying to decide which card to get and am asking for your help.

My current setup is a an older AMD 3900X CPU with 32GB of 3200 memory on an Asus TUF x570 mobo. The GPU is an Nvidia RTX 2060 and my monitor is 2K.

I plan to stick with the components but would like to upgrade the GPU so I can run MSFS in Ultra mode with a consistent 60+ fps on the 2K monitor.

I could afford the RTX 4080 but would the 7900 XT suffice? It’s readily available, unlike the 4080 or 7900 XTX. Should I wait for RTX 4070?

Upgrade your cpu to a 5800x3d first. I had a 3900x and noticed a marked improvement when I replaced it with a 5800x3d.


its not a bad card but the value is bad when comparing to the 7900XTX and the last generation (ie rx 6900 xt, rx 6950 xt) depending on hay much spare money you have, you could be very well off with a xt 6950 xt. cheapest ive seen is US$790 on amazon, new in box.

suggest you check out GN’s review. maybe one of the most unbiased reviews out there.

me personally im torn between the rx7900xtx and the rx6950xt. i get a 40-45ish average FPS with a rx6700xt (r9 5900x, 16gb ddr4, x570shipset) on ultra, but that depends greatly on clouds (weather), scenery, and the aircraft im flying.

Edit- forgot to mention im on a 3440x1440 144hz monitor.

Honestly, he is right in many aspects.

I personnally bought an AIB 4080 in the EU at a great price (still expensive) of €1320, which is a €20 difference with the 7900XTX Custom. All things considered, that was the best option fpr me to dive in VR.

Now, in all fairness @nexusdoan looking at what you need from MSFS, i fully agree that the AMD 6900 rt would be sufficient to be honest. If you do not go into 4K or VR, it makes no sense to spend more than that, which should cost you about €700 or below. But do indeed change your CPU into a 5800x3d first indeed, this is where you will probably gain the most benefit at lower price.

Agreed. @nexusdoan it is best to upgrade the CPU to 5800X3D then get whatever card fits within the remaining budget, even if it means a getting a 6000 series AMD for instance - you’ll get better overall experience with a 6800XT and the 3D CPU, than with your current CPU and a more expensive card IMHO.
Of course if you can afford the new CPU and a higher spec card, it’s even better, but prioritize the CPU.

There currently is no frame generation equivalent on AMD. Only FSR.

This might be added in the coming months.

Thanks everyone for the input. I upgraded the CPU to the 5800x3d and ultimately decided on a 4080. If I go into 4k and even VR, this should future proof me for a few years. Getting my 4080 FE tomorrow with the Best Buy 10% discount.


nexusdoan: VERY nice upgrades!

Nice decision there.
Between rx7900xt and rtx4080… the team green wins. While there is no stock for the rx7900xtx… you have no other option.
Rx7900xt is a little better than the rx6900xt. And you can find last gen amd gpu for half the price of the rx7900xt.

The price I paid for the 4080 FE after the discount comes close to what I would have paid for the 7900 XTX but as you mentioned, finding those at MSRP pricing seems impossible and given the issues with overheating and likely RMA delays, the 4080 FE made sense. I was considering the 4070ti and for 1440p, that one would be fine but I am now considering VR and the 4080 makes sense with that.

Does anyone have a suggestion on which VR solution is best these days?

Most in these forum will say Reverb G2 as tested and approved for MSFS, but very recently, the Pico 4 is a very nice alternative that performs quite close in terms of readability compared to the G2 while being a standalone headset with all the freedom of liberty you can get for other games. Both are at around €400 these days. Also, Pico 4 just aired so updates and fixes are likely to greatly be ensured for a while, whereas the G2 is at end of life and HP not going to make a G3.

Alternatively, there are more expensive headsets around that can perform even better in terms of quality or screen size, but you are likely to pay up between double or triple the price.

You can easily find videos from e.g vrflightsimguy, mrtv or others that do comparisons.

Thank you. I’ll check out both, the Reverb G2 and the Pico 4.

I got 7900xtx and 5950x ; runs amazing in 4k native.