7900XTX and 7900XT in MSFS

Make sure you get a beefy PSU.
Minimum 850 w or better.
My only gripe so far is this beast a power hungry SOB.
In game like MSFS it easily draws high 400w.
Yesterday my game room’s circuit breaker tripped when I was flying in DCS.
I then realized that I had a portable heater running and some other electronics like big TV running at the same time.

That’s also on the plan (currently on a 750W corsair). I have a Be Quiet 500FX case and tower cooler, and will probably go with them for the PSU too. They have some new ones coming out and I’m thinking a 1000W Pure Power 12M.

I’m really torn between some high end 7900XTX card or a 4090. But in the end, I want max performance at 4k so I think I have to bite the bullet and go with a 4090. CPU will be a 7950x3D.

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If you can afford the 4090 and are not trying to save cash, just get the 4090. I have a 7900 XTX Merc 310 and love it. I upgraded my psu from a thermal take 750 Gold to a new MSI mpg A1000G, and my GPU from a 1080 GTX.

I almost purchased a used 4090 from Best Buy but hesitated too long. For the long haul, I would prefer the 4090, but if you are not planning to utilize DLSS, AMD is a cheaper and still “competitive” choice.

That is your wallet and decision ultimately, but you are cashing in a lot for playing full 4k. I do already with a 4080 and an amd 7600x.

The configuration you are planning would be to go full VR and even then you would be really going way above what MSFS needs.

But i repeat, that is your sole decision :slight_smile:

I was eying up this one, but I can’t find any info on the overall length. According to PC Part Picker, it says the length is 344mm, which I could fit. Do you know if that is with the z-bar support, or does that add additional length? My case limit is 369mm, so debating if I should go with a different one, or consider an aftermarket support bracket. I had been looking at this one in part for its specs and reviews, but also to fit the black and silver theme I’m planning to build out.

@Mooncatt3953 I have had every intention of measuring the z bar, but have not had a chance yet. Hoping to get you a measurement tomorrow.

It is long! I have an ATX case and the Z bar protrudes into the area for extra HDD bays. On the best buy 7900 XT (XFX) Q & A, the answer for the z bar there was 380 mm.

I’ll measure mine tomorrow.

I had that gpu. And I can say that the length it is correct but if you install the z-bar support you add like 5cm~ more. I remember that I had to cut the internal front of my previous case to fit the xfx 6900xt. And when the xfx 7900xtx arrived I had to cut even more. After rma I just bought a bigger case and a bigger gpu xD

Of course with my previous setup the 7900xtx z-support didn’t fit at all. I solved it with a 9€ gpu support (those cylindrical very simple ones) and had not issues. In fact it was visualy cleaner than the z-bar.

Yeah, not a fan of the looks of the z-bar even if it would fit.

Today I tested a 7900XTX. I’ll send it back. This card does not give more performance in VR or pancake mode than my 3080Ti while using 100 W more power and being very loud even through a headset. No way. In VR it even loses 2 FPS against the 3080Ti.

All this on a cleaned DDU’ed system and some overclocking paired with a 5800X.
Maybe this would get better with a faster CPU - I am limited by main thread.

Just my findings.

EDIT: I gave it a second chance. When upping the render scale, the 7900XTX clearly beats the 3080Ti. In VR it is slightly ahead (about 2 FPS, 40 FPS in PMDG 737 at cruise level with clouds at high setting). So I keep it despite minimal gains in practical usage.

@Mooncatt3953 I measured today and it comes out to 388 mm when I round up with the Z-bar attached.

@SergeantXA320 I am also main thread limited with my 5900X. I have gone through about a month of fine tuning the system and still the main thread is my limit.

I did upgrade from a 1080 GTX, so… I’ll probably keep the 7900 XTX. The only way I would change it out, is for a great deal on a good open box 4090.

A pencil cut to size and two rubber pads does the same job :smiley:

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You could also go to an aircraft shop and ask to see there trash parts bin. Might find a cool piece of aviation to MacGyver into a stand.

Good to know, thanks. My new plan is to wait, until the prizes of the upcoming 7800X3D settle. I’ll try that with my 3080Ti and wait for a good 4080Ti or 4090 deal.

Oof, thanks. Maybe I’ll get one of the Asus gpu support brackets. Those look pretty cool. Lol

@Mooncatt3953 Today I installed a gigabyte 4080 gaming oc, on a friends rig, and have to say that the merc 310 7900 xtx is shorter. The Z bar makes the length almost as long as the 4080, just wanted to add that for comparison.

Also, the mounting support for the 4080 from gigabyte is a nice one, but it mounts through the motherboard screws. Not sure what I really think of that yet. The Z bar mounts to the GPU and then the Case itself. Food for thought.