8 installs and 1 day later no progress

What a joke, how can MS release such rubbish on the general public after we pay a premium price and after we have invested in all their market place addons?

8 instals that have crashed and one that made then crashed and decided to reinstall again for no reason .

I have been through 25 years of flight sim hardware and software installs and MSFS is the worst i have ever experienced by a factor of 10!

I just want a refund and I’ll go back to X plane.

I am on a very slow connection -6Mb - and after 18 hours the 42gb is up and running ? Now I am looking at content manager updates and that is again 40 plus Gb

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I have blown my download limit after downloading partial and fully about 700GB!

Zendesk does not respond for request for help.

Ok I fixed it myself with zero response from the Zendesk.

36 hours 8 downloads and a fresh instal of windows 10 to get MSFS to download and work.

The worst installation of any software in my life bar none and given 25 years od FSX /P3D and X plane that says a lot.

The way this software saves files all over the place, creates non removable system files and finally can corrupt your registry is not good for premium software from MS is it?

Why is this instal so messy and why do we need all these side apps to run MSFS? Why can’t it install in one place and be self contained?

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