9600k vs 13500

Im runing 9600k OC with 3080 undervolted.
Vr flying.

will the intel 13500 cpu improve fps FPS ?
Or should i upgrade GPU instead?

Upgrade your CPU. Better you choose a > i5 13600K
i had a 9700k 3080TI and upgrade to a i7 13700k and still my 3080Ti is only on 80 procent (with ultra).
Also have a HP reverb G2. With my new CPU I can finally fly with reasonable FPS in VR (mostly HIGH settings).

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i am interesting on upgrade from i7-10700k and 2080 super, 32gb ram. could i upgrade to 11900k or isn’t interesting? or upgrade 2080 super to 4070ti. 4070ti and 10700k bottleneck cpu? i play at 1080p

Great to hear that!
I purchased today the ryzen 5800x3d and B550 motherboard.
Very keen to compare the difference over 6600k with vive pro.

nice chip upgrade. You now that the 79503D also is out and very soon the 78003D?

Yeah hence the huge discount on 5800x3d recently. :sunglasses: Plus the 7000 series mother board are so expensive!! The other reason I went 5800x3d was so I could use my original ddr4 memory. The whole upgrade including noctua c14s cooler cost less than 7000 series itx motherboard. Once I sell off my old parts it will be a very economic upgrade.

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Going from 9th gen to 13th gen you pick up more cores but that does not help a lot in this game. The 6 cores and 12 threads of a 9th gen are enough.

The slightly higher clocks and more efficient processors will help though. You probably will end up with between 10% and 30% FPS gain depending on which 13th gen processor you upgrade to.

Frequency is irrelevant when comparing across CPU generations - 5 Ghz on 13th generation isn’t the same as 5 Ghz on 11th generation. A decent IPC uplift across one generation is around 10-15%, so the performance uplift from 9th to 13th generation is rather significant.

Indeed there are now 13th gen i5 laptop processors that perform similar to my 9900K at a fraction of the heat and power demands.

Still, in game, something like a 50% CPU performance lift will generally only translate to maybe 20 or 30% bump in FPS and even then only if you are severely CPU bound.

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