9700k is it good enough

Will a 9700k solve the multi threading bottleneck problem in NYC.

It’s what I have and have 0 issues with it.

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How does fps go when flying directly near or through the city? And what gpu are U running?

I’m having the exact same question in my head. I have an i5 9400f, 32 gb ram, had a GTX 1060. Upgraded graphics to a rtx 1060 super and to be honest saw little improvement.
My bottleneck is entirely the cpu.
I don’t know what cpu you are coming from. My whole issue I’m struggling with is going for the 9700k or pay the extra 100 for the i9 9900k. As far as I see it. Performance is identical except the i9 has twice the threads. All the research I read is for gaming the extra threads in the i9 make no difference. But msfs 2020 isn’t a game. I’m starting to sway more to the i9. I feel msfs will use those extra threads and as such the i9 will make more difference. Plus I guess it is more future proof. Hard to say. I just need convincing that extra £100 for the i9 is worth it.

I heard that the extra threading doesn’t do much, this Sim is all about the cores.

That is good to know. Thank you.

It would be good is asobo could just release a full parts and spec comparison sheet… why leave us guessing?

System Specs:
asrock z390 phantom gaming mobo
I7-9700k @ 4.9 GHz
32 GB Ram
Geforce RTX 2070 running 1440p Acer monitor
FS is on dedicated 500gb M.2
Internet download speed average 450 Mbps

Terrain LOD Factor in UserCnfg set to 4. Utilization in the upper right of the two pics…

That’s is really good to know. I have a very similar set up. My rtx 2060 super is similar to your 2070. Your post gives me confidence in upgrading to the 9700k. Thanks.

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Cool. I’ve been pleased with it for anything I do on my system. Couple of other games as well as a fair amount of work related activity.

I have a 9700k and a 1080Ti with 32 GB Ram , I get between 30 - 35 fsp over London and practically the same over NY. Most places once past main cities 40-50 and my settings are all on ULTRA.


Terrain LOD Factor in UserCnfg set to 4

May you point me where i can find more about that config? What effect has it? Thx :blue_heart:

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Hi There,

I am thinking of upgrading my i5 9600K to a i7 9700K and came across this post. I also have a GTX 1080TI. Are you still running with the same CPU/GPU? Was wondering what the performance is like with the sim in it’s current version.

I’m running I7 9700k with 32 gig and a gtx 1070…running ultra at 1080p no sweat!

I am still using the same System and get good frame rates at mostly ULTRA settings.
However I set my FSP to 30 frames, which is fine for my 737 flight deck running 3 x 43inch TV’s with MSFS2020 and ProFlight737.

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