A 320 rudder problem

Why A 320 rudder turn itself right when i am flying autopilot connected` When i switch autopilot off rudder goes straight. But when i connect autopilot on again it starts turn slowly right?

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

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This has been said thousands of times in the forum, and I will keep saying this thousand of times more. Please do the following housekeeping tasks first:

  1. Set your flight model to Modern, don’t use legacy.
  2. Set all your assists to Hard/True to Life. Assists interferes with the autopilot systems. (Taxi Ribbon is an acceptable exception)
  3. AI Copilot control should be OFF at all times. This is because AI copilot fights the autopilot. They’re only good for ATC radio handling, and checklist assists if you’re into that.
  4. Set deadzones to all your control axis. Micro inputs from your controls, no matter how small will override the autopilot, causing them to drive. Adding at least 5-10% of deadzone to all your Pitch, Ailerons, and Yaw controls will make these micro-inputs being ignored thus not overriding the autopilot.
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Thank you for help. That solve my problem.

I am having the same issue but with all aircraft I have tried to fly on AP; TBM, C172 and A320. Have confirmed modern is set and co pilot is not in control. The aircraft fly on full rudder deflection, and up to 40 degrees of bank, when straight and level (turning is another matter altogether). I have tried changing realism values and this also does not help. When disengaged, the rudder snaps back to neutral. At this point I am pulling my hair out!!! Any one have any other ideas? I will also try to post this in the zendesk. Thanks.

I am exactly having same problem and all above recommendations are applied properly… Nothing has changed plane is starting to move somewhere not in navigation…

Try adjusting the rudder reactivity.
It often helps in these cases.
I have heard of settings between 65 and 20%

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