A 330 issues

Hi guys, i ve downloaded the a330 from project mega pack…the first day was very enjoyable…similar to fbw 320, but nice feeling to get a bigger plane…but…
since yesterday, (afer downloading a few liveries), i have just a few issues…and the most annoying is that in the middle of the flight, the plane is not following the course anymore, and is flying in circles…heading has to bet set maanually to followw the flight plan
and the ils, even the diamond is well centered, i m way to high (4 white dots)
and the wipers are apparently not working
cabin ready not working
strange red vertical line at the speed indicator (even all flaps up)
init page fuel…entry out of range even half way full
V1 and VR like around 250 knts

i dont want to compplaini too much, it’s stiill flyable…
all these bugs are they coming from the liveries…i tried the basic mega projject livery and still happening…;
what do you thhink ?? t hanks in advance…

Have you checked your deadzone in all your controls?

well, you may well have answered your own question - try it without the liveries (process of elimination).

yes, i did…

yep, i think i will have to go through that nightmare again…lol

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I’m not sure yet. I haven’t really tried the A330 so far. I might do it later tonight for long-haul. Do you have any other mods? I heard that it’s not compatible if you have A32NX installed as well. So if you want to fly the A330, it needs to be installed on its own.

yes, i remember now the thing…it’s true, the first day, i had it on its own…and then i found on flightsim.to, a little file like "compatibility with a320nx, and then replaced the fbw320…the 320 is working fine as usual, but the 330 not anymore…so i think you found the solution, Neo…so i will remove the 320 then, but then i will have to place it again in the folder when i want t o fly it…

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