A Cessna Grand Caravan Amphibian Please?

Wouldn’t it be nice to strap some Wipline amphibian floats to the existing Grand Caravan?

Would anyone else enjoy something like this?


Yeah but I dont want to be paying for add-ons. These are things that should be included in the game. Right now the aircraft are pretty slim, 2 - 4 airliners, bunch of single props (only fly the cessna so I could care less about these).

But it seems this game is going to be just like a bunch of other games, where you get a ‘base’ game and then have to buy addons for basic items to make it worth playing, I mean comon no rotorcraft at release really? 2 passenger planes unless you pay them another $80 or so, really? So many bugs/issues for free really. I got a kick out of one of the dev’s comments on the garmin deployment, kinda sounded to me like ‘well we never really thought anyone would use it to that extent’ REALLY?

Yes, a Cessna 208b Caravan Amphibian based on the default C208b grand caravan e.g, would be nice.


I would love to see an additional version of the grand caravan the amphibious version.

yes it would be great


cape air is about to launch a Cessna 208 float plane route to NY city and I think it would be awesome to see a Cessna 208 with floats and the cape air livery with it

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I would also love to see this.

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I’ve seen one in the Flightsim.to work-in-progress section.


Yep, the guy that makes the no-pod version of the 208 has given sneak peeks of a float version. Looking forward to it myself.


I hope it will be a steam gauges edition. Alaska awaits.


I am really looking forward for it!

Unfortunately the water physics are broken in this sim and Alaska looks bad as for now…

Here’s another one… Would be great to have for Boston to NY flights…


They also fly TBM 930, Pilatus PC-12, Citation CJ3, Falcon 50, Falcon 100, Falcon 900, King Air 250, Hawker 800XP, Gulfstream IV

Edit: Interesting, looks like they had to repair the tail at the time this photo was taking. Obviously there’s lots more of this plane and others…


Yes it would be great…

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Yepp great idea - it’s used in the uk to fly tours from Loch Lomond….

There’s a little float plane service that runs to block island that flies the float caravan seasonally called tropic ocean air that operates these aircraft but not from NY City

I’ve tried the default Icon A5 the other day and I’m afraid with the current state of water interaction model we are up for a disappointment with the Amphibian Caravan.

Don’t know how this version got missed.