A Chat GPT Powered Co-Pilot Tool?! AviMate Preview

A Chat GPT-4 powered First Officer/Co-Pilot?! The new Avimate program, in development and coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11/12 - come take a look here at this special preview…

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It seems a little too conversational. If I just wanted some quick info, it seems to add in a lot of extra context. If that is adjustable, that would be a good feature.

This one feels a little quicker to respond than sayintentions.ai

Fantastic! Now my virtual co-pilot will be able to talk back to me.

With the heavy use of AI in FS2024 I have wondered if Asobo might do this sort of thing out of the box as it were. To trigger rescue missions in a helicopter for example do you just ask it rather than having to use some clunky input method like a cockpit tablet? It would make sense and be very immersive if they could make it work.

It’s still in development and the Dev is open to feedback and suggestions via their discord :slightly_smiling_face: they’re trying to currently strip some extra bits away to make it less conversational too. Nifty feature addon for GA flying most certainly though :slightly_smiling_face:

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This doesn’t help with any actual Flows for the aircraft systems but rather you ask it a question relating to what you’re doing and where you are/where you want to go and it’ll answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone wanting to see it used live can watch the stream back here:

So, more of a passenger than a co-pilot. That’s OK, but I’d prefer an AI that could perform and act as a co-pilot & less of a tour guide.

Maybe a marriage of Voice Attack and an AI large language model.

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One must appreciate the effort. Much support for this.

If you missed yesterday’s stream we spoke about a number of features they’re looking to integrate - one being the ability to upload checklists for it to read out to you while you work through the items for example (it won’t physically do it for you though)

It’s in development still, lots being tweaked and over on their discord they’re fielding suggestions for features to be included too so feel free to chime in over there if you so wish

Is there an updated Discord invite? The current one has expired.

Ah my apologies it’s here - AviMate - AI voice assistant for MSFS & X-Plane

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Awesome, thank you!