A Conversation Needs to be Had RE: Uninitiated User Data Wipes

SeedyL3205, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


A couple of weeks ago I lost the following:

  • Activities progress: Landing Challenges, Flight Training, Maverick Activiets, etc. were all reset to 0% with the A/B/C grades lost as well
  • Settings were lost

Not all was lost though. The following information was not lost:

  • Bush trips progress
  • My Logbook

Short follow-up: I am playing mainly on PC (very seldom on Xbox). I have two PC:s in different homes (as well as an Xbox) and everything syncs through the cloud (MS Store).

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Part and parcel of using this sim it would seem. Over 2 1/2 years use I’ve lost-

  • all my graphical options settings twice (after a nonsense update after a crash)
  • all progress in bush trips (not that I did many)
  • all progress in landing challenges (I had most of them done)
  • my flight hours total stopped logging for two months when the logfile was too big
  • next level/progress highlight (2000hrs in my case) now disappeared

I’ve actaully stopped looking at my progress now, which is a shame as you do get something out of monitoring it. I do hope they fix it in 2024.


Lets hope this whole area is fixed in 2024, no reason why it should not be, especially if they have “career modes etc”

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It might be fixed “for” 2024, but not “in” 2024. The issue is external to the sim, and apparently affects other titles, according to the last Q&A.

I found that seriously weird.

The reason being, ok, I could see it being an issue with PCs, but what is weird is that this issue plagues Xbox, too. I’ve NEVER had an issue with Xbox Cloud Saves since they introduced the feature with the Xbox 360. I saw no issues on the 360, One and Series S/X except with MSFS.

That makes no sense to me.


In my experience the losses usually happen after a sim ctd and the sunsequent boot in which can sometimes mess the profile up. But also when I’ve lost progress it’s often been sim updates that do it. Both of these things are sim related, but perhaps it messes up saves to/from the cloud too.
I also still sometimes get messages about the locally stored profile being out of date compared to the one on the cloud, and that isn’t even after a crash. I have no idea what triggers that, and you never know which pfofile to pick. The sim still boots up after ok, but its another symptom.

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CTD, not the reason… Has happened to me, where one night closed MSFS as normal with no issues, and next days startup, again no issues, except lose of controller profiles.

Even if it’s an issue at time and small, no reason why they can’t create an export / import of the required data, so we can keep the profile local as backup.

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Strangely, I’ve never lost my controller profiles. Just some of the in game progress and graphics settings.
Yes I agree a good method of backing up progress and controller profiles would be a great idea.

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@KernowDave9643 & @BragRaindrop933
FYI, If you have not seen the links to the Wishlist items in my post at the start of this thread, take & look & vote if you agree with them :slightly_smiling_face:

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@SmotheryVase665 Think you’ll find, 1d ago I replied to you with a new link for your list, so I do know of them, thanks.

Wondering if the cause of this issue was made after the latest mandatory update. Did anyone else get an option to click “use cloud data or device data” after doing the mandatory update?

It seems that those who select cloud data encountered less issues.

I’m still on SU14, but did have that recently, maybe a couple weeks ago. My local data was newer, so I selected that and luckily didn’t have any issues after.

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I always pick local data, if it rarely pops up for me. If data is reset in the cloud, why ever take the chance, and select that source?

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Another one today:

I only lost my hours and all the keybinding and settings where still ok. By choosing the newest time, my pc was newer then the cloud.

We need a restore point option like windows. Restore me to how the sim was yesterday type thing.

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It happened again! I have lost settings and all Activites progress (except Bush trips and logbook) for the second time in a couple of weeks.

The same thing happened both times:

  1. I get an error when I start the sim telling me to “Insert disc” (LOL: I have no physical drives on my PC)
  2. I quit the sim and enter the Windows Xbox App. It says there is an error with my MS account that needs to be fixed. I press “Fix” but it doesn’t fix it. The only way to fix it is to log out of the xbox app and log in again
  3. Once I am properly logged in to the xbox app, i can start the sim but progress is lost.

I start light Simulator from a desktop shortcut and thus, I don’t realize that i am not properly logged into the Xbox app until it is too late. I understand that not being properly logged into the xbox app is an xbox app problem, but I believe Flight Simulator should be able to handle the situation better. Firstly it should not give me a nonsense “Insert disc” prompt, and secondly and more imprtantly it should not clear my data!

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That is ridiculous!! So this issue doesn’t show up with Steam version? Only the MS Store version? Which by all rights, being totally “in company” should be the best most reliable option lol. So sad!