A "cool annoyance" in your simming experience

Something I’ve noticed lately is, certain Marketplace purchases showing up when playing the Sim.

For instance, after buying the 4simmers Megapack, liveries from that pack will show up on Static Traffic and Online Players (if they’re using the Default A320).

Cool, but it’s annoying because only 2 or 3 out of 50+ liveries will show up on ST parked at gates.

Secondly, after I bought the LearFan from Lionheart Creations, it started showing up parked at gates as well.

Cool, but annoying because it’s the only aircraft in my library that does it. I’d love to see the VisionJet or HondaJet parked in GA or Cowan Simulation’s 206 in Heliport parking.

These aren’t really gripes or complaints. Just observations that I think can expand the Sim if they’re looked into (especially when it comes to the model-matching issue).

Have any of my fellow Simmers experienced anything ‘annoying’ that you also find interesting?

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The CFG file fir the aircraft or livery controls how it integrates with AI or otherwise. While these can be edited, the problem with a marketplace purchase is that any change you make to the file will be overwritten the next time the system checks the content of the marketplace purchases.

I’ve noticed that too! For some reason the Lear Fan is super popular, sometimes I’ll see 2 or 3 parked on the apron. It also loves using the Bucher-Jungmann Biplane. Sometimes I wonder if FS is keeping track of how often I fly each plane, and placing lesser-used ones at the gate, so I’ll see them and say “hey i haven’t flown that one for a while”.

My favorite “annoying but interesting” feature has to do with areas where things don’t render properly. I landed the KA-10 Kamov on Lake Elsinore, and at one point there’s a separation where you can see “under the world” through the seam on the water. Drifting over it was strangely disturbing. Due to my graphic settings, sometimes water reflections make the surrounding area look “solarized”, but instead of complaining, I accept my sim-reality. Really it’s about gratitude.

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