A dedicated screenshot function and key binding

I was actually very surprised that this was missing from the platform, especially considering the emphasis on visual fidelity.

I believe even Microsoft Flight Simulator x had a built-in function with key binding that you could hit and it would take a screenshot.

while this is easy on the steam version other versions require either a setup of game bar or the Nvidia overlay or something such as that.

it would be wonderful to have a key binding dedicated to taking a screenshot in the sim without the use of any third-party software


The v key must comeback big please!

And replay mode like in x-plane/fsx.

Did about 6 hours worth of flying yesterday with some friends. Would have loved a screenshot function.

It would be nice to have an in-sim way of shooting a screen shot. And in HDR as well. Currently, HDR screen shots look like hot garbage because no 3rd party screen shot tools can do them properly.

It’s already there. If you’re using Steam, F12.

If you’re using Xbox controller (even on Steam), Xbox logo + RB

On Windows you use the either press WIN+Print odet you set up the Xbox Game bar for a keybinding or you set up your Nvidia or AMD drivers for a keybinding.

So many ways already.

On Xbox you have a key generally and on Steam as well.

Yeah, if the screenshot key automatically removes the HUD it would be even better.

You can turn off HUD in User Experience settings. It’s very easy and straightforward.

I don’t fly sitting in front of my keyboard so most of these ways don’t help me. If there were a screenshot mode native to FS, I could easily assign it to a controller button. That would be far preferable.

XBox Game Bar destroys FPS for me, that’s why it is disabled on my system. A dedicated screenshot key in MSFS would be nice.

I agree, an in-game camera would be nice. There are already way too many external apps to start for each flight…

Two additional features I’d like to see that may be easier to add to an in-game camera:

  1. Geotagging.
  2. VR-support.

(There is already a wishlist post about 2. somewhere.)