A dedicated screenshot function and key binding

I was actually very surprised that this was missing from the platform, especially considering the emphasis on visual fidelity.

I believe even Microsoft Flight Simulator x had a built-in function with key binding that you could hit and it would take a screenshot.

while this is easy on the steam version other versions require either a setup of game bar or the Nvidia overlay or something such as that.

it would be wonderful to have a key binding dedicated to taking a screenshot in the sim without the use of any third-party software


The v key must comeback big please!

And replay mode like in x-plane/fsx.

Did about 6 hours worth of flying yesterday with some friends. Would have loved a screenshot function.

It would be nice to have an in-sim way of shooting a screen shot. And in HDR as well. Currently, HDR screen shots look like hot garbage because no 3rd party screen shot tools can do them properly.