A few errors from the new WU15

On first glance I found a few things (just nit-picking, but still something that would seem a result of sloopy exclusion/cleanup work and an easy fix.

Dual radar Domes on the north cape (exclusion error)

Smoke coming out the middle of the smokestacks on the AdvedOre værket Powerplant just south of Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. (on the approach to rw 04L.

Artifacts floating in the air on the Malmø side of the Oresund Bridge. (Denmark-Sweden bridge)

One more for the new Kiruna Airport, which is very well done I have to say.
However, it is missing a 3D model for the localiser antenna, while the other new airports all have it where needed.
I also couldn’t find the glideslope antenna so it might be worth double-checking that one as well.

Hello! Thank you for reporting a bug in WU15 - we ask that you do separate these into one bug per thread, and to use the provided bug report template so we can correctly track these issues internally. Thank you!