A few tips and general opinion

First of all, I’m not English-speaking, I’m sorry in advance for my grammatical mistakes.

Considering that I’ve already played several days for some hours, and looking at the forums, I come to propose some tips:

  1. Many times in the a320 plane, when we are opening and closing different options tabs, the mouse gets “stuck” (it doesn’t zoom and you can’t select the buttons), until the FS2020 developers fix it, it’s solved by moving some tab (as if you moved it from place), also opening or closing the different tabs until the simulator reacts, or just waiting. Moving the tab always works for me.

  2. Many users have been asking about the option to speed up the simulation time. There are some users that when it is a very long flight, they prefer to speed up the time and make the flight shorter. The option is quite hidden and not at all intuitive… But if we press r and + (from the numeric keypad) we will increase the simulation time, on the other hand, r and - from the numeric keypad will reduce the speed.
    The problem is that there isn’t a sign or something that tells you how fast you are, so I count how many times I press the + key, to know how many times I have to press the - key to leave it in its original state.

  3. See the FPS. To know how many FPS our simulator goes, we must activate the developer options, that we find in the main menu, going to options and develop I think it was the tab. Once this step is done, an options bar will appear on the top, where we can see the FPS option (in addition to other options such as CPU, etc).

  4. This is not a tip, but there should be an official manual that explains all this, if there is, I have been unable to find it.

Personal opinion:

The simulator graphically is awesome, but FS2020 was not ready to be launched yet, especially on airline planes… the autopilot is a disaster, it does what it wants, it goes up when it has to go down, it goes up in the middle of a descent, the altitude doesn’t adjust to the flight plan, almost always, at least in my case, you get too high on the runway.

On the other hand, in my case the computer gets very hot, maybe the game should be optimized more and I’m sure they will, in time.

As for the functionality of the planes, we can’t complain, all the simulators come with planes by default and in none of them are all the systems simulated.

I don’t like pushback at all, I was so used to Better Pushback…

Is the simulator worth it? Yes. Does it have a lot of work and optimization time left? Also.


I’m not at home to check but does the NavLog stopwatch speed up when you change the simulation time? If so, now you know. :slight_smile: And some planes have built-in clocks too.