A few tips to reduce GPU ram usage

I stumbled upon a video today showing how to reduce the memory usage and processing overhead for VR gaming, some of which I already knew. But one of the apps recommended is free and it makes it easy to replace the WMR home with an empty room and so reduce memory usage. Or you can select other different environments if you want, including a pizza, which does look amusing.

There’s also a neat performance overlay app showing temps memory usage, frame times etc for 3$ on Steam, called fpsVR. I have no association with the video creator or the app developers.

So, for what its worth, video:

SkySpaces app:



Dat thumbnail doe

Yeah, sorry about that. It is unnecessarily salacious, having nothing to do with the content.

Can’t seem to find Skyspaces in MS store. Has it been removed?

I couldn’t fine it there either. I just googled it and downloaded from their website. There’s a link under the video in my first post. However, you may want to check further to see if it’s not a malicious download.

I scanned the downloader and it came out OK. Also Reddit has posts where the devs are thanked for the release.

Here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WindowsMR/comments/g9b8rg/skyspaces_v11_wmr_environment_manager_reviews/

Have you guys noticed any performance boost by disabling the cliff house with this?

I have a fairly high end PC and 16GB of VRAM on my 6800XT so that, together with the day to day variability I see in performance on MSFS, makes it hard to tell. From what I understand, swapping out the cliff house for the empty room is most likely to help people who have marginal rigs, especially with GPUs that have 8 or even 6 GB of VRAM.

All I can say is that I have been noticing much smoother game play of late, but I have made other changes apart from using the empty room that muddy the waters, i.e. too many variables.

Just disable it completely. Rename EnvironmentsApp.exe to something like .old so it can’t run. Works fine without any “house”

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If that works… you made my day :smiley:

You may have to take ownership of the file to rename it, Google how to do that. Been working fine on my system for months.

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