A few tweaks to the autogen to make it really excellent

OK so it is very very good (and for the first time we have a whole world of acceptable scenery without masses of addons. And I know (or at least hope) they will manually add lost landmarks like bridges, towers, seaside piers etc.
But if it is possible a few alterations to the autogen rules would make it all but perfect. You can probably think of more but for me
Unless its in a city or big town it should ‘assume’ that buildings won’t be taller than 2 or perhaps 3 floors high.
Big buildings in the countryside are far more likely to be barns and big houses than hi-rise flats.
Small airfields don’t usually have high hangars or houses on them - usually have low hangars and low roofed clubrooms and huts.
Grass airfields usually have short grass almost everywhere.


And since I have just tried flying over a mixture of sceneries I reckon the autogen also needs to reduce the number of trees. Even in Cities its quite overgrown - New York and surroundings look post-apocalyptic and roads worldwide have trees where only (or even just mostly) bushes would be. Even some jettys and moored boats - if they appear above water - have trees !
If there is a setting to reduce tree-coverage please let me know (I can do that in X-Plane etc). So far all I can set is the LOD, not the amount.

Look for the thread on reducing the tree size, that makes a huge difference, also somone has mad an app that makes it really simple.

I read through that and it appears that problems can occur if people reduce sizes - like the tree origin not being at ground level. Anyway apart form size my biggest complaint is that there are just too many. Anything dark is translated as a tree (hence on boats etc). I am hoping for an ASBo fix or at least a button to choose tree-density (like on X-plane)

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[Thanks @moderators for the auto-bump - glad to see some suggestions passing through :wink: ]

@Gromit1065 Tree density is preset in files (most likely). For example:


<BiomeRule name="Cactus" speciesInstancesPerHectar="200" artificialSurfacesScaleFactor="0.6">
		<Species name="scrub" spawnRatio="1">
			<Color r=".7" g=".8" b=".7"/>
		<Species name="cactus" spawnRatio="1">
			<Color r=".7" g=".8" b=".7"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Baja California desert"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Chihuahuan desert"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Gulf of California xeric scrub"/>
		<EcoRegion name="Tamaulipan matorral"/>
<BiomeRule name="Conifer_Cold" speciesInstancesPerHectar="700" artificialSurfacesScaleFactor="0.6">
  • speciesInstancesPerHectar=“200”
    this is self explicit

  • Species name=“scrub” spawnRatio=“1”
    this is, mostly likely, the percentage of this type over the region (here 100%)


<BiomeRule name="Deciduous_Cities" speciesInstancesPerHectar="700" onlyArtificialAreas="yes">
<!-- Low deciduous trees in artificial areas -->
		<Species name="deciduous_small"/>
		<Species name="scrub" spawnRatio="0.75"/>
		<Species name="scrub_big" spawnRatio="0.15"/>
		<Species name="shrub" spawnRatio=".25"/>


<Species name="conifercool">
		<Variation spawnRatio="1">
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Even after the world update France still lacks trees, heck entire forests when there clearly are trees on the satellite imagery. Check out the Dordogne for instance. So cutting down on tree autogen for the whole world seems a bit harsh!

I just visited the area and it’s filled with trees. No missing trees.