A full AMD system but Smart Access Memory is "not avialable."

A recent YouTube video I watched recommend activating Smart Access Memory for improved VR graphics. I just updated to a 6900xt (from a 2600) which, combined with my 5 5600, gives me an all AMD system. Yet AMD Raedon Software is still telling me SAM is not available. Any ideas why?
MB=Aorus B550 Elite.

Update BIOS to the latest version F14e

In BIOS settings enable:

  • re-size bar
  • above 4G decoding


  • CSM support

“How great a response” I said. Quick, clear, concise! I know how to do that. And then…Gigabyte.

Run the app center, @bios BUT “Upgrade @bios before upgrading bios” Ok.

Upgrade, run @bios and it gives me the option to upgrade to Version F10, even though I’m already at F14D. Ok. go to Gigabyte support, download the file for F14e, try and run it: “This won’t run on your computer. Ask the developer to provide a 64 bit version.” Sure.

But still, thanks a lot for the great reply.

I am also running full AMD, updated BIOS, and confirm what has been said above.
And yes, it’s worth it :wink: I saw a slight increase in FPS with this.

So I would update through the BIOS itself → download firmware file, unzip, then in BIOS select the file. At least it works like this on the X570.
Just keep in mind that above 4G decoding cannot be “enabled” in the BIOS of my X570 Aorus (not sure about the B550). I only have the option disabled, or automatic. So in this case, you need automatic.

It’s generally advised to not use windows based bios updaters, they are notorious for borking things.

Just follow the normal firmware update procedure using a usb flash drive and updating from inside the bios for more reliable results.

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So no need to update.


How to update BIOS > How to Update Your BIOS Part 2: Q-Flash and BIOS Recovery (aorus.com)

Thank you. More than generous.

You’re very welcome.