A fun comparison between 6800XT and RTX3090

It looks like NVIDIA is sponsoring some of the popular MSFS youtubers to push out marketing content for their 3000 series (this and this). I had the 3090 briefly, but ended up trading it for a 6800XT, and never had a chance to do head to head comparison.

I wanted to simulate how my card will perform under similar flight conditions. It’s not really apple to apple comparison as I don’t fly A320, but decide to do a full flight from Munich to Zurich with the same weather condition, and the settings shown in the first video in TBM930 using autopilot.

To even the playing field, I used the same overclock for my 10900K at 5.2Ghz, and my 6800XT overclocked to 2600Mhz running on 64GB RAM.

Here’s how it performed.

Out of Munich: 45fps
Cruising altitude (12000ft): 60fps external, 53-58 in cockpit
Approach: 45-48fps in cockpit
Landing: 38-40fps in cockpit
On the runway: 35fps in cockpit

These are just rough comparison for fun, but it seems like 3090 has about 15-30% advantage when things get intense. Once at the cruising altitude, things even out.

I had my GPU running at about 80% utilization most of the time, so switched to 100 render scale instead of 80, and the fps didn’t change, but GPU utilization went up.

It will be fun to see how other GPUs stack up in similar flight conditions. If anyone has 45 min, give it a go, and post your result. It might help people looking to upgrade at some point although the stock situation really sucks.

One more thing: there was a severe stutter 60 miles out from Zurich. Both times at the exact same place.

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I would have liked to do the comparison, to see the gain of your 10900K @ 5.2Ghz vs my Ryzen 5 3600, but I don’t have a 4K screen.
I only have a 1080p display and an HP Reverb G2 which has a resolution of 2160 x 4320

i have been doing comparasons between

3060 12gig
3070 8gig

the 3060 was very smooth. but the last update killed the fps.
the 3070 is faster fps wise my guess is more so when the fix the last update. but has occasional shudders.
the 6800xt is goldilocks, but i am fighting software issues with it. it doesnt recognize flightsim 2020.

i have come to the conclusion that with flightsim 2020 vram makes a difference.


It does and it’s crazy how nvidia put less vram on these more powerful cards like the 3070,3080 just to cut around cost.
I have an 8gb card and with that amount of vram I have to lower a few settings down to high just to eliminate some stuttering.
I found texture resolution set to ultra had the biggest performance hit @3rd party airports.

G2 user here too. I think both of us have been struggling with the sim CTD’ing with VR with AMD GPU. I am getting about 10-15fps less in VR, that is 35-42fps pretty much everywhere except for the big airports (high 20s).

2D flying uses no more than 9GB for me, but when flying in VR, it uses up about 12-13GB of VRAM. Hope you can get your software issue sorted out.

Set the render scaling to 200.

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