A Herculean Effort: Visiting every country in a Spruce Goose

Well, it had to turn into chaos once I discovered that a) the Hercules is literally a “Zen plane” since it is the most gentle plane I have ever flown and b) you could actually take off from normal runways with it. Therefore I decided to do a 100% world trip in it!

And as usual this will be the table of contents!

Finland (1/x)
001: Oulu (EFOU) - Kalajoki (EFKO).
002: Kalajoki (EFKO) - Sulkaharju (EFVT).


001: Oulu (EFOU) - Kalajoki (EFKO).
Country: Finland

After take-off from Oulu above the Gulf of Bothnia.

Following the coast near Siikajoki.

A lot of tiny islands near Raahe.

Landed someway out of Kalajoki Estuary.


002: Kalajoki (EFKO) - Sulkaharju (EFVT).
Country: Finland.

Turning south near Kalajoki.

Kajaanintie Road near Kannus.

Fields near Ullava.

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