A little issues, please!

Now, after SU7 everything works without a problem, without a stutter, without a CTD, without a double image of the sky, and Pikobello!
There are no more hard discussions, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, etc.
These discussions have become part of our lives as pilots, part of our flight, our work of our brains!
Sometimes we have forgotten the main subject is “flying”, not anger, not focus on problems and difficulties! :slight_smile:


As a GA pilot using this flight sim with no add-ons I have been more than happy with this flight sim from day one.
We simmers only used to dream about a sim like this, and now the dream has come true!


I am struggling to discern the point of this topic. There are a multitude of problems out there, not the least of which is the terrible VR implementation.


True John, having tried to take off from Merrill C Meigs airport with only O’Hare International to visit back in 1992, I have to agree with you. We are now very close to the perfect flight simulator I envisioned thirty years ago. Holger Sandmann’s Glacier Bay freeware back in FS 2004 was already a big step in the right direction as far as I am concerned, but look at how the sim looks now. Look at the light, the weather and aircraft like the default 172, they are really very good. Personally I miss the PMDG factor, there are some things that definitely could be better about the sim (see my other posts and remarks), but it’s great that MSFS has come back to the table, set a new benchmark, employed a very dedicated team, in short developed a very good user friendly product. Happy landings!

Cheers, Marc!technology_179a_001


Hi john and marc!
I started with these pictures with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and then became a real pilot!
Of course for me what I see today is such a miracle! :slight_smile:


Nice Farmash, what do you fly. Have you become an airline pilot?

Cheers, Marc

Flight Instructor :slight_smile:

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