A little tip to improve graphics/performance

Since launch, I’ve been running the sim at 1080p with 130-160% scaling.

What I have just discovered, however, is that by running the sim at 4K with 60-70% scaling, I’m getting similar performance with crisper textures. I think this could be thanks to the new TAA introduced in Update 5.

If you’re running a 1080p display, you can enable 4K by going into your Nvidia Control Panel and enabling the 4x DSR factor. Not sure about AMD, sorry.

Hope this was helpful.


Thanks for the tip!
For those who did not experience any change on 1080p: don’t forget to set the higher resolution IN the game!

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Thanks a lot for this tip… not only does it look sharper but I actually gained a few fps, somehow. Excellent advice, thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Only a little hint, it did not work with Nvidia-Surround if you got 3 monitors.

Seemed like a good idea so gave this a go. After setting the higher resolution in MSFS and adjusting the render scaling to 60%, I got about a 10fps drop. I couldn’t pick the different in quality though, and the original resolution looked a bit sharper in the distance. Perhaps my RTX 2060 doesn’t have enough grunt for this, as I usally don’t run it higher than 100 anyway.

Native 2560x1080 - 100 render scale

DSR enabled 5120x2160 - 60 render scale

I did the same but left the render scaling at 100% and somehow gained 5fps /and/ can see a difference, aliasing is a lot smoother.

GPU’s utilisation has gone from 70s% to 90s%, other than that it seems all good. I guess the effect is variable to hardware. I’m surprised. fyi: GTX2080ti

The 2080ti’s effective speed is a substantial +50% over the 2060 according to gpu.userbenchmark.com. So I would expect you would get a much better result when working with higher resolutions. My ultra widescreen has a performance impact as well.

I am also on an ultra widescreen, but I take your point about the differences with the cards and it seems like that makes the obvious difference.

Try it with the Airbus, and notice the clarity of the default livery, especially where it says “Airbus A320”.

Sadly, on a 1440p monitor, my performance is doing just fine, just wish the visuals were better. The cities in the US, the trees looking like pyramids, etc are breaking the realism for me. It has to be a bandwidth issue on their servers as it used to look so much better before the last couple of patches


No issues here with 1440p 100RS looks fine.Just the new sharpening filter they use has everything looks strange.I am noticing pixelated clouds and distracting film grain on scenery.They fix the TAA in this build but totally messed up the sharpening

Great tip, sadly DSR is not available on Optimus enabled mobile hardware (ie: Laptops). Gaming laptop woes. I can run up to 150 render scale before the GPU becomes the limiting factor, however since the latest patch it’s not helping anymore.

I tried with sharpening off (in UserCFG.opt) but that makes everything blurry. So now I have a grainy foreground, grainy clouds, blurry cockpit (harder to read G1000) and the distant terrain is the same as before. (but more blurry when turning sharpening off)

What a mess this sim has become. I’ve got a list of workarounds just to keep it going.

Try this… It’s not DSR, but it essentially does the same thing:

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Thanks for the tip, however it sounds a bit too risky for my liking.

Step one already failed (updating the intel graphics driver) got blocked by the manufacturer override. I did follow the link in the graphics driver menu (to update) and identified the right processor generation etc. (No problem like that updating the nvidea gpu)

Step two is at your own risk and familiarize yourself with safe mode first. I rather stay away from that rabbit hole. Hopefully Asobo fixes it in the next patch.

This was before the patch

This after the patch, same settings (render scale 200, 1080p screen)

And this is with sharpen set to 0 in usercfg.opt

Looks rather ugly for internally rendering at 4K and downsampling to 1080p

Interesting comparison, have a look at the difference between the “Bundaberg” (love a good bundy by the way :slightly_smiling_face:)…alot sharper with DSR in the second image.

Lol I’ve been experiencing that same issue with a 2080super and now with a rtx 3090. It looks flawless when I’m flying over that particular area but the surrounding looks completely t r a s h

Yep… and I’ve read at least 400+ persons having all the same issue. ASOBO fix the scenery!!! It’s wayyyyyy messed up since August.

I think the most important thing in this area is to run the sim at the monitor’s native resolution and use render scaling to adjust performance as necessary. E.g., with a 4K monitor and a graphics card that can only manage 1080p with sufficient fps, don’t run the sim at 1080p; run the sim at 4K and set render scaling to 50% instead. Graphics quality should always be better that way, and with a reasonably modern graphics card performance should be similar.

Motivation: Every pixel (actual physical pixel on the monitor) needs light on it, and something needs to at some point compute what each pixel will show. The monitor itself has some very basic functionality for up-sampling the image (it typically does not down-sample); the graphics card has a gazillion GPU cores and the most sophisticated algorithms Nvidia and AMD are able to implement and release on the hardware they provide. Rhetorical question: Who should do the up- or down-sampling, the monitor or the graphics card?

I am sure there are some exceptions, maybe a graphics card with insufficient memory… But in general I think this is true.

Your eyes are much better than mine, but I can see a difference in the text if I zoom in. But I wouldn’t trade 10fps for this change, as the text appears to be the only beneficiary. Fond of an odd Bundy myself.

While AMD Virtual Super Resolution works, it will make the whole game appear high-quality, but all blocky, since it upscales the resolution but cannot really downscale to fit back to native resolution - I have tried it myself on my RX 5700 XT, driver version 20.10.1.

So far the only game where AMD VSR properly works is Elite Dangerous, from my observation.