(A lot) more framerate drops after WU6 on Xbox

Does anyone encounter worse perfoemance/fps on Xbox after WU6? I tried the discovery flight in Berlin and it was … well … a lagging mess. Unlike anything I have had before. Am used to a few stutters when first entering a very highly detailed area. (like the city center of Paris / London), but notbing like this.

I tried in other (less detailed) places and it was way better / acceptable, but I feel like perfoemance is worse than before still. Not in a huge way, but slightly so.

Yes. I’ve noticed a lot of stuttering and it just doesn’t seem as fluid anymore. Plus the draw distance now is not good, anything in the distance just looks like empty fields. I’ve also noticed that objects are popping up right next to where I’m flying. Not sure if its the servers or the sim.

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I really only just noticed how dull the longer range scenery looks sometimes. Flying at 2000 feet should have more assets load in at further distances and of course at great haste. Most times it’s ok but often times you can see there’s a kind of cutoff point that you can’t “un-see”. The further you look, the more resolution fades away. Maybe there is something to the complaints about graphics downgrades.

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I can’t fully say that “yes, there is definitely more framerate drops since WU6”. I will though support the idea by going on record by saying that no, I haven’t felt that there’s been any performance improvements. Certainly not better but can’t say worse. Pretty frustrating when at higher altitudes in mostly clear weather, you feel sudden jagged fps drops then smooths right out like nothing happened. Perfectly understandable in dense environments flying under 5,000 during a cloudy, perhaps even raining but over 20,000 feet where not even half as much detail is actually required? What is up with that​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Could it be you are flying over an airport even at 20,000ft that is getting loaded/processed/cached somehow? Some airport sceneries for me are occasionally causing fps slowdowns. They probably still get loaded in and processed to a degree by FS regardless of altitude. Not seen a whole lot of framerate drops at altitude in the Neo, just sometimes on approaches at certain airports, and also when flying through clouds a bit.

There could be something to that. After all there’s too many to count and tbh, I kinda don’t notice them so much aound me now unless I’m looking for one impromptus

Update: I also noticed some random “in your face” pop up and some very obvious graphical bugs like lights that are supposed to be on the ground are suddenly floating and following your view. :thinking:

I have noticed though that I have only seen those and the really extreme lag issues in places that were updated in the WU itself. It’s also not a constant thing. But when it happens it does break the experience quite a lot.

I’m on Xbox series s and KAtl and klax and other airport Frames are bad