A question about MSFS videos posted by content creators

Very curious about this, after something I was told…

I have seen a number of FS videos on Youtube which appear that they may have been edited post recording. To try to put things in perspective, the aircraft actually look like model aircraft that have been placed on a 3d lit surface, and filmed.

I asked one of the posters about this, because even though I don’t have the most up to date system, my sim looks nothing even close to this. He says it’s done using the drone camera (which I admit I have not used yet). The link is below, and it’s only the intro:

So, my question is, can the sim really be made to look like this? And if so I imagine I would be having to spend big $ to get there. I’m very curious about this one.



Yeah, you can make it look that way. You can install AIG traffic mod that replaces all the traffic model and their liveries to look like the real world. And there’s an upcoming FSLTL traffic mod that also does the same thing if not better. AIG is freely available to use, and FSLTL is still in closed beta at the moment, but it’s coming along nicely and will be released sometime in the near future. Both of which are free to use as well.

I also made this mod myself along with the permission of other livery designers to include their designs, but this mod will help you at least get rid of all the low-poly AI traffic but at the expense of replacing them with all the A320s regardless of their actual aircraft in the real world.

It won’t look as good as the one in the video, but at least it doesn’t look terrible as the default. The good thing about this mod is, the more A320 liveries that you have, it should add more variety to the traffic.

I myself use the payware Aerosoft Simple AI Traffic. It doesn’t look as good as the one in the video, (or the one with my mod) but it’s easy to install and it has a lot of collection of liveries to use. Even though it’s low-poly and doesn’t look as good, it doesn’t impact FPS that much.

@Spectre19674910 I hope you don’t mind that I changed your thread title to give a clearer indication as to the purpose of this thread.

I find the drone camera to be a really cool feature of MSFS and I would recommend exploring some of its capabilities. It is fair to say that it is a lot easier to use on a xbox controller (attached to a PC, if on that platform). If interested then this guide may provide some help:

As far as the intro for the video is concerned, this looks to be filmed at London City airport and I also suspect that ORBX London City landmarks is installed. I also have this product purchased, as well as ORBX London City Airport and the video does look similar to what I see in MSFS when these add ons are installed.

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I believe it would depend on how well you bind the drone control. For me, I control my drone using my sidestick. The same hardware that I also use for my primary flight controls.

I bound mine so that X and Y Axis is used to translate the drone forward/backward, and side to side. Then I use my hat switch to rotate the drone camera to yaw right/left, and pitch up/down.
Then lastly, I assign the twist Z axis of my sizestick to translate the drone up and down to manage the height.

This way, I can switch back and forth between controlling the aircraft and controlling the drone with just a single button and using the same hardware.

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