A Question about the Forums

Sorry mods, but I don’t see a forum about the…er, forum.

Over the last couple of days, if I reply to someone’s post, it shows as a reply to the thread, not the poster. It also happens if someone replies to me. It also means I don’t get a notification.

Anyone else getting this?

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Does this always happen, or only for the last post in a thread? Because it seems like hitting “reply” on the last post won’t actually respond to that user. Very annoying.
You also can’t quote the last post as the forum will remove the quote automatically.


Not sure TBH, I haven’t noticed. I’ll have to try a few more times and see. Trouble is, of course, that the convo gets disjointed if people can’t see who you’re responding to.

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It is my understanding that what @Aeluwas said is correct… hitting reply to the immediate last post won’t generate the reply message. However, iirc, I do seem to remember getting a notification that I received a reply, even if there is no ‘reply’ showing on the post, i.e.

If replying to an earlier post in the thread then that post should carry an indication that it was a reply to an earlier post at the top of the message, e.g.

A potential workaround to how discourse works in this regard might be to mention the author of the previous post in your reply.

E.g. when composing this reply to @SwiftTugboat430 post above I did hit the “reply to post” at the bottom of their message, rather than the
at the bottom of the thread.

I will be interested to see when it posts if there is a notification it was a reply to the message. Mentioning the poster directly will generate a notification for them.

I hope this helps.

Edit (after first post of this message): As can be seen in the composing of this message it was a “reply post”
However, there is no indication of that in the message as posted.


Yes, I think I see the rationale. Or part of it anyway; we’ve all seen those quoted replies (not quite the same thing, I know) where the post quoted was a long one. You get a mental image of the servers groaning under the weight and crashing through the floor.
My thanks to both of you.

Just as a follow up to confirm something.
I did get this notification:
even thought there is no indication in your post that you were actually replying to my specific post :wink:


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