A question for FSLTL users

FSLTL is a great air traffic addon, but it also clears the GA small aircraft off the ground. I ususally fly to and from small airports, now Im all alone on the tarmac … Is there anyway to populate GA ramps with some GA planes?

FSLTL does not clear GA aircraft off the ground; setting the sim ground aircraft to 0 ( as suggested by the FSLTL team) does that.

I use FSLTL and still keep ground aircraft and AI offline traffic at around 8%. This adds GA aircraft to the skies and ground and still allows FSLTL to function, albeit at a increased computing cost.

As an alternate, you can set the AI offline traffic to 10-15% and use the offline GA traffic mod. This has less of a frame rate hit but it only has 5 different aircraft and seems a bit repetitive.

Hopefully, Aerosoft or other 3rd parties will create a traffic program that addresses both.


I’m seeing GA at my airfields, large and small, and I only have FSTL installed. Could something else be conflicting, another addon perhaps?

You can also set VFR traffic in FSLTL, I imagine this would add GA?

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I had to un-install FSLTL after the AAU1 update. FPS went to unworkable. Renamed my old community folder, and started re-loading one mod at a time. Everything was working fine (TBM liveries, P38, Corsair, CRJ, PMDG, etc., and when I installed FSLTL, everything stopped on load. Hopefully an updat is coming from FSLTL soon.

Thanks for the input. Can you recommend a third party offline AI GA mod that can work with FSLTL?

My community folder is pretty much empty, used to have Working Titles mods though…

Set at 50, higher than the default 20, still no GA


Question for anyone? I’ve noticed FSLTL does its job at many airports, but it seems on smaller airports sometime I get zero traffic either on the ground or taking off, landing etc. For example at Santa Barbara today I sat for 40 mins, and there was no activity… Anyone have a suggestion or maybe a change in my set

tings below? Thanks

Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that FSLTL only works effectively at very busy airports. The settings don’t really help either. However, I definitely recommend that you generate your own API key!

Thanks… What is the benefit of having an API key?

Rather than just flying from point A to point B, with the API key, they’ll fly the real world full waypoints of their flightplan.

I see… thank you.