A simple solution to missing streaming data

After several days experiencing freeze on launch screen, freeze at the beginning of the flight, online services unreachable, etc…, I tried a very simple thing : disconnect from your Microsoft account and then reconnect to. It has worked for me and everything comes back to normal.
Nota : after that, all the static trafic was gone ; I quit the game and restarted and all the trafic comes back, too.

Spoke too fast…
This solution works if you got the message “online services unreachable” but not if you experienced the “known issue” of streaming data…
Unplayable game, for the moment…

I tried that as well and still no photogrammetry. Also when I logged back in, I seem to have lost all of my achievements and progress. Has that happened to anyone else?

Unfortunately, this game seems to be totally out of control. Nothings works. I don’t fly with this game, I spend my time to start, restart and start again.
How a beautiful project like that could be totally destroyed by its own designers ?
It’s a disaster.
R.I.P. MSFS 2020


Same. Servers are trash. I can’t get my mouse cursor to come back after it dies 5 min in to starting up. The photogrammetry is totally gone. Takes way to long to start up the flight now. Loose different settings when I come back in to the sim after a couple days. Certain planes are basically broken. I feel stupid for spending all this money on this sim!

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Well, things seems to be back to normal…
This means, lot of bugs, un perfect systems, ridiculous avionics (without mods, of course), but … it’s flying !
No streaming issues at the moment, same graphics but without popping.
The job is done, hope the next Sim Update will enhance the experience.

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