A suggestion from the „Google Earth with a joystick“-corner

At first: I waited over a year for MSFS 2020 release, bought a Xobx Series X only for this game and play MSFS now at least 4-5 days a week … big respect for all the developers, IT-experts and additional team-members at Microsoft, Asobo, XBOX, Bing etc. to establish such an impressive FlightSim / Game for a reasonable price… I am a no-pilot with zero-flight-sim-experience, happy to „fly“ in small and slow GA-planes with no crashing, looping, following the basics rules „how to handle a plane“ and enjoy during a clear and sunny sky landscapes or cities … i think someone called this kind of use of the MSFS (maybe with some kind of contempt after many years of complex ATC-IFR-747-intercontinental-bad weather and no view flights on a high-end-PC) „Google Earth with a joystick“, but it suits me and I think many others.

So i am far away from the high level of criticism of many users in this forum and I see more what I have and less what is missing … even sometimes I am astonished how many bugs are even inside the centrally managed and closed ecosystem of the XBOX (for example: There is still no saving of the settings for the HOTAS Joystick …!?).

Additional to all the probably justified claims about bug-fixes for „Real-ATC-IFR-747etc-Flight-Simmers“ I would like to suggest from the „Google Earth with a joystick“-corner: Can we have much more photogrammetry … and less hand-made POI-objects between low-realistic-AI/KI-generated buildings, please?

In general I am quite impressed how realistic it feels to fly with MSFS over photogrammetry-cities, like San Francisco, Chicago, Rome, Munich, Frankfurt … after you know, how it feels and what is possible, it is almost „no-fun“ to fly over an AI/KI-generated city …

I expected high improvements of photogrammetry and landscapes with WU6 and often I see the progress … but often I am disappointed … for example: Lübeck got a POI with the „Holstentor“ (very good made by the artist) but the city is KI-generated-low-realistic and some main buildings are even missing … Hamburg as a „photogrammetry-city“ has only the inner circle with photogrammetry, only 5 tube stations from city hall (Eppendorf-Winterhude) = KI-generated … Bern looks much better than before, but still KI-generated-low-realistic and the river Aare has a strange river course … Innsbruck (very close to the popular LOWI-Aiport) is still KI-generated after WU6 ?! … many more examples like Lucerne, Ulm … and by the way: London without Camden Market…

Normally I would assume, that there are no photogrammetry-datas available MSFS could use, but if you check GoogleEarth you see very realistic impressions of these areas … even the buildings on top of the mountain Pilatus close to Lucerne. I know Microsoft (BingMaps) and Google are competitors and not best-friends and I do not know if you could use the database in both IT-systems … but is it possible to get a payable add-on (maybe via third party marketplace) to get more and better photogrammetry? … I know, some may say „use GoogleEarth and not MSFS for sightseeing“, but GoogleEarth is much more static (always the same time/weather and much less fly-over-illusion like with MSFS).

Also, I ask myself, without photogrammetry-addon … will we have to wait for the next “Austria, Germany and Switzerland” WorldUpdate in some years or will there be photogrammetry-improvements from time to time ?

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