A tool to increase the simulation rate in the toolbar (Like in FSX)

We need a Toll to higher or lower the SimRate, easily in the toolbar, like in FSX. This is helpful for long hole flights. I don’t want to sit 10 hours in front of my pc, and this “skip tool” that we have right now, causes a lot of bugs.

So if we could add this tool, a 10 hour flight can be simulated in 2,5 hour, as an example.

You can assign keys to increase and decrease the sim rate.


I know, but I want it to be in the toolbar. And I want it to be displayed without any third party add ons.

Without an addon you’ll have to wait for an MSFS update, if it comes one day… :unamused:
While you’re waiting, you can use this one:

EDIT: My bad, Shift+Z Stats only displays the simrate but you can’t change it.
So you have to change your mind and bind keys or buttons on your yoke/stick, code a mod by yourself or waiting for the good will of developers…


I use this “simple” tool, which in “Start Travel” mode slows down before a waypoint and speeds up the simrate after the waypoint automatically

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In my Steam version of the sim I can very easily control the sim rate with two key strokes!

Pressing R enables rate adjustment
Pressing CTRL+ speeds up the sim rate (2x / 4x / 8x) doubling the rate with each press of CTRL+
Pressing CTRL- slows it down by half with each CTRL-
CTRL+Z shows the sim rate

I did nothing to implement the above steps - they seem to be built into the sim

To change the sim rate you have to use ctrl+^ and then ctrl and + or - and you do not see the current sim rate. It should be fairly easy and straightforward to add a minimal UI to this. I think many simmers use the sim rate often on long flights.