A VR Success Story- IN PICTURES!

@Trowels, I’ve seen some speculation that it really only helps lower end systems, and even then only on certain games. I don’t know if that was intentional or not (though I kind of doubt it), but that appears to be how it’s working out IRL.

Just wanted to thank-you for your reference to the HP Store as a source for the G2 Headset.

I had one on order through Connection from December 12 with no update on delivery. I just successfully placed an order for one at the online HP Store! Should receive it within a week.

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@ornaryox - Hope you like your G2 as much as I like mine! Hope direct from the HP Store works for others, too.

I was thinking I might need to warranty exchange mine because it kept blacking out, I was getting a very staticky noise sound in the right ear, and giving me “connect your headset” errors, BUT… it turns out it might be a bad DP port on my 2070 Super that was the problem, because once I changed it, those symptoms went away.

The good news is that the 2070 Super is still under warranty, and replacing it might mean a free upgrade because they’re not making it anymore.

But the bad news is that it’s totally random, and I can’t recreate the symptoms on demand, they just happen when they happen, so EVGA might give me a hard time on a warranty exchange if I can’t do that. Not sure how I’d document it anyway, because the symptom is just something I can see and hear in VR, when it happens, but short of taking a cell phone video of it at just the right time, well…

But now that I’m 95.75% sure that it was indeed a flaky port and not a flaky HMD, I’m gonna give it a shot with EVGA and see what they have to say. If they have to replace it with a 3070 or even something better, well, who am I to complain about that? And they can’t just tell me not to use that DP port, because what if I get a new monitor at some point?

I’m gonna give it another day or three to make sure it’s not the headset, but if the symptoms don’t come back, I’ll go down the warranty road with EVGA. I’ll probably make a post here about just this issue to see if anyone has any good advice.

Well your issue sounds like my issue and I thought it was the 3090 I just installed. I purchased another and nope it’s still there. I basically contacted HP and they have it right now. I doubt it’s your display port but I guess you can try that out. Usually connection issues give error codes. My issue was black screens and crashes in fs2020 and wmr portal.

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