A way to protect training material

I am on xbox series x and took all my copy’s of hotas controls and laminated them

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I can see you are more than ready for Tuesday. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

(I’m looking forward to it too)

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Only thing wish was available was a yoke so instead will use hotas and pedals and got keyboard and mouse.I want to do best I Can on console

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Keep an eye out for the Velocity One yoke from Turtle Beach.

They’ll be showing it off on Flight sim Expo end of september, so I’m not expecting it to release before october, but could be a nice one.

Admittedly, a yoke and throttle quadrant does make flight simming more immersive. But it’s not necessary. And from someone who’s only been flight simming since the PC release of MSFS, a massive welcome to our console cousins! May there be many hours of flying and shenanigans.