A10 Wart Hog

This is kinda long but here goes…
I bought MSFS2020 from the Store via Amazon back in September 2021. I had a lot of issues with the install and the failure to downloads was horrible from MS Store. I forgot I had a Steam account so I went there out of desperation, (cause there was no help from MS! ;^( and purchased it there, yes another $120.oo US to Steam just to get it to work. I am glad I moved off of MS Store for sure…

Anyway, Along the painful way I purchased the A10 Wart Hog for $15.oo~ After the move to Steam I lost the A10 … I would like to try to reclaim it. But I don’t think I have any record of the purchase now… I will look again. But even if I do MS does not respond ot the Store help… which where every one sends you…

Here’s the question; I will never see my $14.99 again will I?

Any possible suggestions will be accepted.

Thanks Everyone…


Unfortunately, I don’t believe purchases are interchangeable between the MSStore and Steam platforms.
If it’s purchased through MS Store, it can’t be used on Steam and vice versa.

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That does seem to be the case:

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there was no reason at all to go to steam, sorry, your decision.
lotsa people run it fine from ms store.

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You should also know, it goes both ways. If purchased on Steam, it isn’t useable with MSFS.
It isn’t just MS doing it.

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