A2A B-17 for MSFS 2020?

Hoping A2A will create another (or port over) their accusim B17 to MSFS 2020 but haven’t seen any news or interest really. I love the big radial aircraft time period! Anyone heard anything anywhere - even from another developer?


As far as I know, the only release they’ve mentioned is their Comanche. I believe their Aerostar was in the works, but after an emergency landing, that’s on hold now, I think?

After that, I believe it’s anyone’s guess as to what they work on next.

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Any chance you have a reference? That’s super exciting, I love their Comanche.

Scott from A2A confirmed that the first MSFS release will be Comanche. Aerostar is not on hold either. They have enough from that aircraft to continue with development, though I suspect P3D version will come first. Will probably be a bit for the Comanche still… they are working on a whole new version of AccuSim that’s a little more platform independent, so once that’s done, I suspect the rate of releases will go back up to a couple of aircraft per year or so. That’s what all their posts seem to indicate.


They work on the aerostar


We need all A2a aircraft in MSFS NOW!!! :joy:

For me personally, the J-3 cub and the Constellation would be amazing. Would love to explore little pacific islands in the constellation!

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At this point it looks like A2A are pretty confident that there will be a Comanche for FS2020: A2A Comanche and MS FS 2020 - Page 4 - The A2A Simulations Community
It’s nearly ready for release, but they still have some work to do to get it up to their standards: A2A Comanche and MS FS 2020 - Page 4 - The A2A Simulations Community

As for the Cub or the B17, I compiled the community requests for each A2A aircraft here: Your choice for 1st A2A plane in MSFS2020 - Page 6 - The A2A Simulations Community

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Hi all, who among you could create a mod B17-G Flying Fortress working in FS2020, maybe even with droppable bombs as was done for FSX)?

17 months later… still no Comanche. This must become the best addon aircraft ever made at this point. You know something is up when even PMDG released their birds before A2A.


If you want you can convert Elitel models from FSX to FS2020 or correct Elitel FS2020 files on this site: MSFS 2020 Aircrafts Mods - ModsHost

Have fun transforming and fixing mods :slight_smile:

I found that on the site MSFS 2020 Aircrafts Mods [Try NOW] - ModsHost there are mods in FSX to convert to FS2020. These are World War II aircraft. Who among you could turn them into FS2020?
Elitel said you can convert planes to fs2020 and she would be happy! She can’t do it!

Who among you could convert Elite 90 aircraft into aircraft for FS2020?
It’s quicker to convert Elitel planes from fsx to fs2020